12 August, 2007

Are All Witches Evil?

... or just the evil ones?

A question asked on a tennis blog I frequent.

but is every witch evil? maybe some of them are just wise women, carrying the wisdom of a long forgotten past?

If anyone else comments, I'll add my 2 cents.


otto van b said...

well since you quoted me i feel a "need" to comment, lol.
my take is: of course not, kind of evil is who evil does. not one who is declared to be evil by a certain religion.
i am too much of an enlightenment person to believe in witchcraft and my take is that the modern connotation is still heavily influenced by the campaign of the christian church. pagan = evil, females = evil, witches = evil. ugh, sorry, but this early in the morning i am not able to string together more intelligent(?) thoughts in a foreign language. so this is it for starters. ;)

codepoke said...

No "need", really. :-)


The Christian church has to stand up and take the blame on this one. You and Siggy both really said it well. In a purely patriarchal society, women are going to fight for air somehow. Your equations have been sad but true:

pagan = evil
females = evil
witches = evil

Historically, I think the case can be made that the Catholic church attacked women as witches who were making trouble for them. They didn't have to prove anything to get strong, honest women out of their way, if they could just accuse them of being witches. The Malleus Mallificorum was a hideous concoction of perverted lies, and it gained traction for the same reason all hate literature gains traction. People hate. It's a shameful thing, but that's the way it is.

I can think of three witches in the bible, and two of them were men (Acts 8 and Acts 13.) They are roundly rejected. So, yes witchcraft is always wrong, but women fighting for their place in society is right.

Thanks for wandering over, Otto.

Patchouli said...

What a great question.

My rule--if anyone is drawing "power" from a source other than Yahweh, it is witchcraft(and that word alone deserves it's own discussion).

Good points, CP.

Weekend Fisher said...

Comes down to what is a "witch", doesn't it? Our "enlightenment person" says there's no such thing as witchcraft therefore it can't be wrong; now how much of a compliment is that to some former friends of mine who think they're witches? Backhanded at best. Does "enlightened" mean equal-opportunity belittler?

If "witchcraft" really does mean "someone in league with the devil" then it really is evil. If "witchcraft" means teenagers who take Harry Potter a little too seriously, then it really is sad and confused and semi-pathetic. If it means women who think hating men is spiritual, again we're into "sad" territory; if it means women who think being female is beautiful, then we're not.

So "what's a witch"?

Milly said...

I will say that I kind of know something about this subject of what a witch is. Some believe in the mother earth and worship her. God has let us know that we are to only worship Him anything else is wrong. Sure some are nice and all but still it’s worshiping false gods. Wicca direct their worship to the Goddess and her Consort, The Horned God. This is not a Christian belief.

Without a doubt women like me, outspoken feminist, would have been dunked or burned in the past due to husbands who might have wanted a wife who knew when to keep her moth shut.

My answer is YES witches are evil because they take His children away from God and that’s what Satan wants then to do.

codepoke said...

Thanks for all the input, ladies. I agree with all of you.

I want to add just a little more. I'm in the odd position of having been raised in the Lord by a lady who was called a witch and wasn't ("rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft") and losing a marriage to a lady who worshipped and tried to channel the goddess into everyday life - so who was a witch, but wasn't always called one.

Let me take on the actual witches first. When most people talk about witches, and whether or not they're "wrong," they're really asking whether I want to burn them at the stake. No, I don't. And neither did Paul. He and Peter each pronounced a curse on a (male) witch, but neither whispered a word about the death penalty. This, BTW, proves to me that witchcraft is real in some contexts. I doubt there's much real power in North America or Europe in the 21st century, but in other places and times the witch was not always a self-deceived charlatan.

The church's stand against witches in the dark ages was a self-serving sin taken on for financial and political gain. If I have a choice between burning witches and hugging them - I ain't burning anyone.

But the sins of the past are not so far gone.

My spiritual mother stood against her abusive husband, and left him for the sake of their children. For this stand she was labeled "worse than a witch." Her husband was an elder in the church, so there was no silly searching for the truth or any such thing to bother with. They just labeled her worse than a witch, and cast her out of the church - and pursued her every attempt to join any other church, even counties away, and made sure that they would not accept her.

Yes, witches are violating God's law, but there are worse violators out there and nobody goes after them. Stop channeling powers outside of God, but stop hurting the innocent first!

Milly said...

Sure there are worse violations in our eyes. Being a witch regardless of good or bad is wrong. Tossing that label around to be vindictive is very wrong. It’s sad that he was able to hurt her so much in so many ways, to have a church turn its back on a woman who needed them must cut God’s heart. It sounds like she has stood strong and I have no doubt that she is able to help other women in this situation.

When I read that the churches shunned her I thought and yet those who hurt children in some churches are simply moved to another parish. God’s anger will be known when the time comes.