19 June, 2007

A quick song

Any edits before I present to the group on Thursday for edits?

In Him there is no night
In Him there is no, "No"
Death fell before His might
And where he's gone we go.

He came to save His own
He came to seek the lost
His face set like a stone
He paid each stripe we cost

This world won't care for me
It knows I'm not from here
And when life's end I see
We'll neither shed one tear

To kingship He's been raised
His kingdom we've become
In blood our trail He's blazed
His love has overcome


Missy said...

I don't get "In Him there is no, "No" (unless it has a trad. score and you shout "NO!" there at the end - hehe!)

I LOVE the last stanza, esp. "His kingdom we've become..."

Your talents just never end!

Lynne said...

This is great stuff, something to chew on and be nourished by, as well as sing with gladness (you've got me wondering about the tune) One small quibble, and I'm hesitant because it could be an American idiom I'm not familiar with, I don't get the 'neither' in the last line of the 3rd stanza

codepoke said...

Missy and Lynne. Thanks for the tips.

Missy - In Christ all the promises are Yes and Amen. There's not a NO in Christ.

Lynne - That's just awkward writing. I'm trying to say the world won't miss me, and I will not miss it either.