16 June, 2007


If you hit the escape key enough times, you can lose an entire blog post irrecoverably.

You ought to try it some time.



Milly said...

What were you try'n to escape from?
You realize it won't work on humans like it's not an eject chair key. That would be so dern cool I'd have used it several times at work today. Instead I ranted then I took the time to ponder how fast I could walk to the back clock out open my locker purchase a diet soda a habit I have yet to kick and make my way to my new car with large payments supported by my stupid job and then I went back to work. My mantra: I have a car payment I have a car payment

On the up side I got a hug from my boss and a new coffee mug from another boss. So life is all good in rainbow city.

Missy said...

Happy Father's Day, CP!

pearlie said...

Ooops... I am sorry. I tried doing it while typing this comment and all it take was one click on the escape key and the whole thing disappeared... now will it happen when I am posting... let me se....