13 June, 2007

Bumper Sticker Ideas

Bonobos do it
So it can't be wrong!


Stupid IS
You reading this bumper sticker at 65 mph


Just sitting around talking with my son, and those two came to me. Figured I should share them.


Also, we were talking about the meaning of life, and how God gives us pain not for the purpose of taking it away, but so that we can prove how great His love is. [Yes, we were talking, not just me soliliquizing.]

He asked, "What about people who just have naturally sunny dispositions?"

I thought for just a second before I answered, "They can't be saved."

He rolled for a solid minute. It was pretty funny.


Oh, well. As long as I'm confessing inappropriate jokes, I may as well tell this one too.

Dad: I need that USB memory stick I let you borrow.
Son: Ummm. I.... Ummm. I ate it.
Dad: (It's important to see the somber face, and dead-straight delivery) Then you'd better hurry up and shit me a USB memory stick.

Nothing is funnier than pure shock. He didn't expect me to have an answer, much less one he'd be proud to have thought of.


OK. I apologize for doing that to ya'll. You may return to my usual blog.


Milly said...


And I rolled my eyes at you boys. What is it with guys? My husband while wrestling with the boy offered to pass gas on him. Not the word he used. They both giggled. Oops laughed I guess guys don’t giggle after the age of twelve.

Milly said...

As for a bumper sticker I need one that says:

If you have hit me please hang around while I tie a knot
and look for a tree.
If you decide to run I will find you.

Missy said...

Are you now in a manic phase like me? :-)

Andreia said...

You ditn't!! Ha!!!!!!!

Weekend Fisher said...

Add me to the list of those who can't be saved. ROFL.

Patchouli said...

I knew it, I knew it! You ARE as demented as I am!

codepoke said...



> I knew it, I knew it! You ARE as demented as I am!

Sure don't remember denying that. ;-)

karen said...


Trying to catch up on your blog posts!

Throw in one of these from time to time, too, okay? :-D