18 April, 2007

Taking Votes

Who do you think is the most culturally relevant biblical character? A study of whom would provide the most important lessons to Americans? For reference, my current vote is listed in Heb 11 as a hero of faith.


Missy said...

Well, that narrows it down!?

I'll admit I haven't thought much about it, but my vote would be Lot if the question was simply relevance. :)

Hmmm...let me think...

Milly said...

My friend C. votes for Phebe

Milly said...

My vote is the people passing through the Red Sea.

Lynne said...

Yikes! I'm not even an American .. our culture is very similar in some ways, in some ways very different ....
and I'm not sure which aspect of the culture you're thinking of being relevant to (I see western culture as an intertwining group of subcultures)
My personal hero is the apostle Thomas, but I doubt if he's "relevant".
Abel is the hero of the martyred church.
Isaac for those who are following on in their fathers' faith.
Maybe Abraham, because he didn't know where he was going, but he went there with God in the midst of personal barrenness?
Or Moses, because of being willing to let go of the comforts of Egypt to identify with God's people?

codepoke said...

Lot! Yes, he is highly relevant. We may find ourselves seated at the gates with evil. Excellent call.

Phoebe, too. She was a woman doing something worth remembering. Looking out for the kingdom, even though the world around her didn't think her worthy.

The people passing through the Red Sea is a great idea. They were leaving Egypt, and counted on God for their very survival.

And Lynne's list, too.

So far, nobody has two votes, though. :-)

My answer is not the best, and it is for yet another singleton. My vote is for Samson.

It was the parallel to my marriage that convinced me. After resisting his Philistine wife's request so long, he finally caved in, much to his deep regret and much to God's final glory. His story seems so desparate, and God redeems it and him both.

Kansas Bob said...

Not sure about the culture but, for me, Paul inspires me to press on when I don't feel like it and want to throw in the towel. He paints a picture, in his letters and in his life, of following Jesus when it gets hard.