13 April, 2007

Got voice mail?

I do.

I lie on my voice mail message. It says something to the effect of, "I would love to get back to you, but I only listen to these messages every week and a half or so." I just checked voice mail messages. The first of the twenty-five waiting messages was from March 5th.

Amusingly, the only one I cared about in the least was left today. It was good news, though not critical in any way.

4 voice mail messages were for my son, which is odd, because he tells his friends not to waste their time leaving messages. Could it be that teens are not good listeners? Nah.

And one message was for my neighbor. It appears that a telemarketer could not get hold of him, so he called me, and asked me to hand deliver his phone number to my neighbor. That's certainly creative. I've wanted to talk to him any way. Any excuse is a good excuse.

I don't know what the other twenty messages were about, because hitting 3-3-7 causes the voice mail to be deleted immediately. 33 skips to the end of the message, then 7 deletes it. Telemarketers usually manage to tell me, [Perky cutie voice] "Hi, I'm Brenda! Did you know [] beep-beep-Tweep. [Computer voice] "Message deleted. Your message from an outside caller on ... "

So the bottom line is that not listening to my voice mail for 6 weeks didn't hurt my life in any way. I'm not sure that's a record for me, but it's the hillbilly way.


Milly said...

ummm and if I had called you?
If you called me I'd listen to your voice mail. Actually I listen to my cell because only those I want to have the number have it. At home I am on the no call list so it's not usually a telemarketer. My phones beep so I have to listen at some point or go nuts. Go ahead call you'll see I listen.

codepoke said...

Oh. If it had been you on the voice mail, I'm sure I would have listened much sooner. ;-)

Milly said...

Well you had better Cowboy!
When I call you listen!

pearlie said...

I knew you were back but I didn't know you were "that" back :)
good going :)

I never get to my voice mails. Never believe in voice mails.

Milly said...

That's it now I'm call'n ya both!

Andreia said...

I think this is a Rorsach (sp?) test for most people. There is the personality type that has VM and doesn't listen to it (CP), then there are those that don't bother to get it like a dear friend of mine. I find that practice EXTREMELY annoying even though I dont really listen to mine either. The fact that I am not allowed to try to be witty on her VM bugs me.

When my brother passed away, I kept his last message for months. I would listen to it just to hear his voice. It was a good thing then.

Im afraid, it is pasee these days though with text messaging being so easy and fast.

Well, I'll quit rambling now. It is good to know about you though. If you don't use it, you shouldn't have it so as not give all of us and the telemarketers of the world a false sense of hope that you might actually listen.