08 April, 2007

Easter Thanks

I am one of those people who sees an empty glass with a little bit of water in it, a walking raincloud if ever there were one. When provoked to count my blessings, I usually end up in tears.

But, in the invisibles ...

In the realm of the Lamb, even rainclouds are rich, richer than the wildest pessimism.

I am crippled, and yet there is One Who never passed me by. He stretched out the right hand of His love, and restored me. He took me into His house and fed me at the greatest expense to Himself. And if you will understand my meaning, He fed me His last two mites.

He had everything to give, and they were things I would have bubbled with delight to receive - things that would have cost Him nothing. Like so many stylish lovers, He could have promised me the moon and stars, but He could deliver. He gave something else.

He was upright and good, and could have enriched me to satisfy His own infinite standards. I would have honored His Name, had He blessed me to keep His robe of holiness white and perfectly starched. He lifted me for another reason.

When there was no obligation that could touch Him, and when I was His enemy, He came and walked beside me. He clothed Himself with the body of my struggles, and labored under the needs that overwhelm me. For only two reasons, He came to be with me.

He loved His Father Who called Him to such obedience. And He loved me.

He suffered more with me than I will ever suffer alone, because He wanted to know me, and be with me. He gave Himself because He found me valuable. He treasured me as He did His own Father, and He endured the cross to join me to Himself forever. And He will never want to leave me.

In all the world, there is only one treasure, love. If a man would give all his riches for love, and trade an empire for love, it would be utterly condemned. And yet the Master gave love to me above a hundred lesser things I would have wanted.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Milly said...

So good.
Thank you.

Kansas Bob said...

This is so insightful:

"In all the world, there is only one treasure, love."

Love never fails. Happy Easter CP!

Anonymous said...

this is good. glad to see you back. listing you on my bloggers list

codepoke said...

He is risen indeed.