12 April, 2007

The Milly Meme

Milly gave us 500 words to tell what we believe. I have not had a chance yet to read her link, but I just had to write my 500 words. Great idea, Milly.

I should probably edit mine, but I know I won't have time. Here it is raw.


History is the gift of the Father, and its center is Jesus, the Annointed. Every ripple in history exists to display Jesus’ worthiness to rule over it. Within history He gave life to a bride, His own life, and redeemed her from her curse. Now He courts her as He watches her grow, revealing the depth and honesty of His devotion as He enables her to triumph over every hinderance of sin, temptation and evil on her path to an eternity with her Bridegroom.

Within history, Jesus stood as a man, and died as one, but He first in all history rose from death to eternal life. In rising again, He proved that the first man was Adam, and that he had sinned. He proved that Noah and seven other souls were saved from destruction by obedience. He proved that Abram obeyed God, and became the father of many nations. He proved that David was a king of Israel after God’s own heart. He proved that the kingdom of God was meant to sweep over all the earth, and that God was faithful to His promise, and that every knee would yet bow. We will rise.

In His perfect life, Jesus proved that love can be lived on earth, and that it never fails. Love listens, heals, and sets the captives free. He proved that love is the only authority needed to rule the kingdom of God. He proved that love is vastly more to be treasured than life.

In His death, He proved that God’s justice is unmovable, and that God’s mercy is irresistible. His justice was the rock that could not be moved, since we had offended Him irreparably. His mercy embraced that justice, and satisfied its every demand for our sakes. When He carried His Blood into the Holy Place, the stone rolled away from our doom.

In His church, before and after His time on earth, He proves in us that faith allows the weak to love the Invisible One. Him Whom we have never seen we adore and trust and honor. We do His will on earth as it is done in heaven. Far more than not doing what is against His will, we live from our own will, and find that we love doing what He loves.

Here, in this history, we are tempted by our enemy when our hearts lust for the things he and this fallen world offer. We are weak, and we fail, but Jesus advocates for us, and the Spirit leads us into the life that is already ours. We war against the flesh, and in Christ we mortify it, taking the victory He has won for us. In doing so, we show the world that Jesus Christ is the King of all Kings.

The life that we now live is a hard one, full of tribulations, but He has overcome the world and we love Him for it.

History declares and glorifies the Lord Jesus, and we live to love Him.


Milly said...

Wow I found myself getting louder as I red this. Good job!

Anonymous said...

or read this. Wow

Missy said...

CP, you should stop editing your work. Raw is working just fine!

codepoke said...

I don't know, Missy. What does this even mean. :-)

"... the stone rolled away from our doom."

I still think proofreading is a good thing.

Milly said...

"... the stone rolled away from our doom."
When you put it like that it's kinda funny sounding.

and Christ came alive to save us. Is my guess.

codepoke said...

Nothing so brilliant, Milly. I just liked that I was talking about an immovable rock, and the immovable rock was rolled away from the tomb, and doom rhymed with tomb; then it didn't occur to me that I was saying our doom was resurrected.


Missy said...

CP, Just goes to show you that I am much more critical of myself. I knew what you meant!

Your "raw" writing indicates that you are who you seem to be.

Lynne said...

LOL! maybe "the stone of our doom was rolled away"?
Will have to have a go at this myself when brain is in gear