03 February, 2007

Life: The Washer's Clean Now

Yes. I was really happy that the washing machine did not experience any balance problems doing that load. I just went to switch it out, and noticed that all three piles of laundry were still sitting on the floor waiting to be put in the machine.

What's cool is that as I am listening to the machine fill with water now, I am more impressed than ever at how smart it is. I noticed how quickly it filled with the first (empty) load. This time, it's actually taking some time to fill with water. The machine advertised that it auto-sensed how much water was needed. I guess it was telling the truth.

Still, hmmph. The signs of insanity are piling up quicker than I can explain them away.

At least I don't talk to myself, now that I can blog about things like this instead. ;->

On the plus side, I found my toothbrush motor a couple days ago. Yep. That means that it was missing for over 3 weeks. I have no idea how it got behind the easy chair in the living room. None.

And I did eventually stop brushing my teeth, every night.


Milly said...

And I did eventually stop brushing my teeth, every night


Have you questioned the cats?

I talk and answer myself, is that a bad thing?

I love the new washers they are smarter. I was caught hanging out in the appliance department talking to some ladies about the washers. Hand wash! I love it!

codepoke said...

Milly :-D

What's the big idea reading what I wrote instead of what I meant. HAHA! You got me.

I think you're onto something with the cats. I'll waterboard them until one of them admits something.

And I have bad news for you on the talking to yourself thing. I do it too. This does not bode well for you. Sorry.

Milly said...

Look we who talk to ourselves and answer are smarter people. I don't know anyone who doesn't talk to themselves. Hmmm are your wall padded too?

^-_-^ Watch out they might go after something more important next time. Your blackberry, where is your blackberry?

codepoke said...

I'll see your padding, and raise you 2 nets. :-!

I've got my tennis ball launching machine set up in the basement, with a net on either side of it. I turn on the machine and practice volleys to my little heart's content.

Your blackberry, where is your blackberry?

Ummm. Right here in my pocket, where it always is. Always.

They can go for my BlackBerry, but they won't get it. No, not even THEM.

Milly said...