17 February, 2007

I May Have Found An Answer

Havidol is the first and only treatment for DSACDAD.

They have a self-assessment tool on their website.


Milly said...

Your score is 42.
If your score falls between 40-60 you should see your doctor immediately.


Gee it's not like I found a spider in my soup and freaked out. Darn now I have a new thing to worry about. Breath Milly just Breath!

This is a reminder I need to make an appointment with my surgeon for another follow up.

pearlie said...

My score is 21.

If your score falls between 15-30 take a moment to check in with yourself. Determine if you are answering as truthfully as possible. It's okay to need help. And thankfully help is available.

Hmmm ...

Lynne said...

and I was a 24. not even quite sure what it is I haven't quite got ..