16 September, 2006

Humor: A Plague Across the Land

Imagine, if you will that the master in the old TV series, "Kung Fu" had called his apprentice "locust" instead of "grasshopper."

Then it's just a short little trip to a plague of kung fu apprentices across the land. :-D

They come from nowhere, moving in a mighty wave. Leaping over each other, and doing really bad backflips. Swarming 3 and 4 deep at times, destroying all small wooden and brick objects in their path. The click - click - clicking of their chopsticks filling the air, as they try to catch the flies that flee before their destruction.

Yes, my son and I had a little quality time tonight. It all started with a discussion of his being stuck in a box, then I turned it into a cocoon, and then we got to caterpillars, and finally to locusts and grasshoppers, and Kung Fu.

We both wondered whether anyone had ever made it down that train of thought before.

Thinking - maybe not. :-)


Milly said...

Too fun! My son and I can get going at times.

Danny Kaye said...

Now THAT's deep stuff.

Did you have to derail the train yourself, or did it stop in its own...