12 September, 2006

Better Bibles Blog

Suzanne has two posts out there, and Wayne one that really, really are fascinating.

I recommend looking at:
A heart of compassion
Translation of biblical poetry
Robert Alter's Narrative style

Only the first one requires kleenex, but it requires a box when you click through to the story she wrote, and another when you get back.

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Milly said...

The first one got me hard. I have a heart for those special little ones. My grandmother was one of the first in this area to try to teach mentally retarded children she was told you need not worry about supplies nor teaching. She said you’re wrong. I worked with autistic children, such special ones. My cousin has a hearing impaired child and an autistic child. The little ones need us to fight for them. I’m glad that little one was blessed by someone who cared.