19 September, 2006

Engaging God: Link out

This post is not about my comments and thoughts, but about another blog's comments and thoughts. They ring true and wise to me.

But his thoughts and struggles mingle with mine. I posted just a short time ago about knee rehab. As I was chatting with a friend the other day, I was prattling on about emotional rehab. After the conversation, I kept thinking about those two things in juxtaposition. I rehab my knee by doing intelligent, planned things that hurt it until it quits hurting, and then I move on to something more challenging. I wonder whether the same thing could be done for emotions?

Is there an exercise that would stretch my emotions where they are damaged, and that would let me grow more flexible and stronger?

Just this evening I found a yardstick. Dan Allender says that a healthy person has an optimistic resolve about their future. That is a great, fantastic phrase. I am in awe of it. It is perfect. It is measurable, achievable, and meaningful.

I don't have any exercises yet, but the juices are flowing, and the gears have started grinding. Who knows what may get mangled before it's all over. :-)

So, what about that link I promised?

The blogger at Beauty Out of Ugly Things is posting more than honestly about his current rehab. As part of his weaponry, he answers 10 questions with a brother every morning. The practice, the questions and the lessons woven into his answers are substantial and more than humbling. If you visit, I'd take my hat off before I entered.


Milly said...

It was good for me to read his blog again.

DugALug said...


Great link, we was quite quiet for a while. I'm glad to see some new stuff.


Andreia said...

Wow. It makes me feel really humbled by the smallness of my own problems. God bless him!

Rich said...

The revealing glimpse Todd R gives into his own life and struggles helps me see my own so much clearer. What a treasure. We all have our own addictions... power, drugs, lust, pride, wine, ambition, competitiveness, apathy, the list goes on and on. A lot of us will have to struggle with those problems/sin that are particular to each of us all of our lives. As bad as the prognosis is, the hope and victory is that Jesus overcame, and one day we'll be made whole. That's not to say that we give up the battle our spirit's are fighting with these sins - on the contrary. But when they lick us for a time, we get back up and say "Jesus is Lord" and begin again.

His is one of my favorite blogs and one of the very few I check on semi-regularly. I'm grateful he's back and will continue to pray for him in his life-long battle.