23 July, 2006

Trip: A Third Friend :-(


Yes, I received one post from an anonymous person whom I met on an airplane, and 70 from an anonymous spambot. :-D

Yes, the spambots have finally found me.

I like allowing anonymous comments, but I am not going to enjoy deleting 70 spam comments. If I get another 70 before Sept., I will have to turn on word verification.


elbogz said...

What kind of wine do you serve with Spam? Red, or White?

Might have to ask Martha

codepoke said...

I prefer a kind of plaintive whine, and plenty of cheese and crackers. ;-)

Milly said...

SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM. Sorry someone need to say it.

Kansas Bob said...

God loves those spammers and wants them to repent ... in the mean time that annoying verification dance may be needed :)

codepoke said...

Just 66 more times with the SPAM verse, and you'll have it, Milly. :-D

No new spams since Friday, so no dancing yet.

Milly said...

Hey I'm COC so we can't dance. Actually that rule was because we really can't dance, must be that whole no instrumental thing. That’s why I joined the COC what they don’t dance? Cool because I can’t. I use to two step, I always needed a really good partner.

I need a nap.

Anonymous said...

what's a spambot? I'm staying anonymous; it's the gift of fear. Plaintive whine..ha ha

codepoke said...


If the primary qualification for COC membership is not being able to dance - I'm an instant leader! People are amused at how I actually clap to a different beat than the song I am singing.

I sing passably well as long as my feet stay put. Maybe if I kept my mouth shut, I could dance?

codepoke said...


I hereby dub you with an internet name until you come up with a better one. ;-) Fear is a blessing, so drive on.

A spambot.

(That is a clickable link to Wikipedia's definition of spambot. Wikipedia has more entries than Britannica, usually more complete, and only marginally more errors.)

I am using the term in the sense of the fourth paragraph there. Somewhere back on my blog you will find 70 comments left by a very nice sounding "Anonymous". That Anonymous, though, was actually a computer program. It surfs blogs pretending to be a real person and complimenting every post while leaving an incidental link to a site. The site is usually gambling or porn or some such.

Hence, an internet name will differentiate you from spambots. Instead of "Anonymous" just use "Other" and put in any name you'd like.

How'd Tuesday and Saturday go?

Milly said...

I can't clap to the beat either. I can actually throw the singers off. It's a gift. It is. Could you see us trying to sing together. Two wrongs might make a right. ;-} Well my singing would scare the rats out of the building. I’ll stick to the booth and the chair dancing.