16 July, 2006

Meme: Poking fun at someone who deserves it

Weekend Fisher has suggested a meme in which we poke a little fun at ourselves. As usual, her point is profound so give the post a read. As a home churcher, I offer this:

Q: How many home churchers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: I suppose we'll all have to do it! Kevin doesn't seem care enough about Christ's holy bride to change the lightbulb in his own house when he knows we are going to be meeting there tonight. Oh well. Let's make that the subject of our meeting! We were wondering what to do tonight anyway.

It may not be funny if it hasn't happened just this way to you a dozen scores of times. If it has, though, then it's REALLY NOT FUNNY!


Yes, it's just like that.


Milly said...

I sort of get it because of The Church of The What If. Laughing at ourselves is a good thing.

My husband went grocery shopping I slowly opened the pantry and drew a sigh of relief when I found only two things that need to be fixed. I was afraid it might be an all nighter fixing it. I still have the fridge to fix. ;-} Is that a form of OCD? ;-}

Andreia said...

I tried to get it but because I have never been in a home church I haven't experienced that. Sounds like a nightmare for lets get to the facts people like me : )

codepoke said...


I slowly opened the pantry and drew a sigh of relief when I found only two things that need to be fixed.

You would keel over in apoplexy if you saw my pantry. I have like 4 of everything, and they are all on different shelves and facing in any old direction. I don't actually know how many I have of anything, mind you, but I always have one that's open, and one in the pantry or "I'm out." Gotta have at least one spare of everything

When I shop I see a thing and ask whether I have too many of them yet. If not, then I get another. Eventually, I have too many of them, and I quit buying them for a while.

I could eat for a month, and feed my neighbors, and we would all be fine. I'm just like those depression era people. My pantry just cannot be too full.

codepoke said...


Sounds like a nightmare for lets get to the facts people like me : )


But, they need us.

Milly said...

Milly curls up into a ball after reading that. How. . . ?. . .I. . . ?. . . Oh my. . .? I have no words.

Could you see me in your house? Where’s Milly she needs to get in on this discussion. She’s in the kitchen, you’d smile knowing that your next trip to the store would be for only what you need. My bathroom is the same way. Just open the medicine cabinet. Even the stuff by the sink.. . .and my water bottle sitting next to me right now. It isn't too crazy is it?

I have other issues that I have will make you laugh.

Andreia said...

Ha! Im laughing at you both now! I have the same thing going only with a twist. CP and Milly, are your cans alphabetized? My husband made me stop doing it as he found it a little too odd. I was submissive : ) Now I only alphabetize my spices..and CDs...and lipsticks...that's it though!

Milly said...

Please don't give me more! I group things also. Baking things, boxed sides, soups, etc. sub groups and so on.

If Andreia and I ever visit Codepoke the party is in the pantry! We will have a lively discussion groups and/or alphabet? Is it a sign of the changing times? Where is the pantries place in the world?

Weekend Fisher said...

Ok, you guys (the can stackers/alphabetizers) have seriously got to go rent that old Julia Roberts flick, Sleeping with the Enemy. You'll know why when you see it.

codepoke said...

I've been looking for the common thread amongst those who comment here.


Finally, I a place where I belong. :-)

Andreia said...

You aint kidding dude! When I was in school working on a degree in psychology I became fixated on OCD. I like this description of symptons

Some of the common signs of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder include:

* Perfectionism
* Inflexibility
* Preoccupation with details, rules, and lists
* Reluctance to allow others to do things
* Excessive devotion to work
* Restricted expression of affection
* Lack of generosity

Anyone see themselves? It fits me to a t!

(CP if you had ever read my blog you would have seen this. Im kidding, you have a pass..its rather low-brow for you)

Andreia said...

Ive seen that movie! Creepy!

Milly said...

Saw the movie and well I got some of his behaviors. Why wouldn't you put the towels just so? The can stacking only makes sense. How else do you know what you have?. As for the rest I'd have tossed him in the water. I also use the FIFO system. So I have a few quirks that's what make us who we are, quirky humans.