03 July, 2006

Posting: On Vacation

I have been posting very lightly for the past week or two. Who am I kidding? For me, this has been a full stoppage of posting.

I'm not really sure why.

It has been a pretty low week or two. Not black depression, but a little grayer than I have become accustomed to. Even tennis has felt so flat that I thought maybe it's time to give it up.

I guess we'll get to see whether one of these new-fangled "vacation-thingies" people are always talking about might help. I'm going to spend a few days lost in the woods with my son.

Lord bless ya'll.

I leave you with a fairy tale I wrote for my nieces 1 1/2 years ago now. They made it to about page 3 before they got too scared to read on. Their mom has not yet sat down to read it to them. So, it was written to little girls, but no little girl has ever read it. Hopefully, it is enjoyable.


DugALug said...


I'm sorry if I frustrate ya! As you probably noticed, I've cut back a bit on the posting too. I can sure relate.

My daughter is five, I might just print this out an read it to her. I'll let you know how it goes. I thought it rolled pretty nicely, but the true litmus is how children like it. The plot even had a cliff-hangar. Good Stuff!

God Bless

Milly said...

I will be reading it to my Little. I haven’t finished reading it yet. Migraine day. Actually meet the specialist and oh such bad timing to meet him day. He is an avid tennis player and seems very nice. The next meeting will involve taking a two hour test. Yea! At least I don’t have to study.

I love to camp, so now I’m jealous. Actually it’s too hot for me this time of the year I need those cool crisp days. It’s been two years since my son and I have camped. I know it will renew you. We love the us time.

I’ve been a bit low myself. I think God is telling me to be still and talk to Him or shut up and listen. :-}

Maeghan said...

looks like I read your Cinderella story without its preface here :)

The story is for girls huh? I think it is a tad too long for my son, but I think he will enjoy the animal parts.

It is the summer for you guys ... so enjoy the time with those around you! Sigh ... it is like summer all year round here, wish it was holiday all year round too ... well, dream on ;)

Andreia said...

We know that the real story is that you just wanted to watch Wimbledon without distractions : ) We miss you!

Kansas Bob said...

Thinking about you this morning Kevin as I, with my wife, watch the ladies final at Wimbledon. I can relate to dark days/weeks ... dare I say varying shades of dark gray. I pray that these days would be short and Jesus would shine on you in the darkness. Love you man.