16 March, 2008


On the most excellent advice of KB, I bring you the first of my snippets.

From Elizabeth Prentiss's, "Aunt Jane", p 264, as an older lady shares a look back on her life with a young lady.

Life looks very strange and impressive as one casts on it a backward glance. Perhaps you fancy that it looks insignificant. But it does not. On the contrary, even its little details have an importance of their own; just as moments make hours, so trifles make life; not one can be spared out of the great whole, each has it's own account to give to God.

Trifles make life.



Milly said...

I have to try to find this book. I couldn't find it at the store I was in and I don't think they are going to keep stocking her books.

Good stuff

codepoke said...

Aunt Jane is not as powerful a story as Stepping Heavenward, but it's as lovely a picture of believers and their Lord. Enjoy.