17 March, 2008


Michael Kruse has again posted economic brilliance. He posts substance about the candidates' positions on health care. It tells why McCain's position might actually mean the end of company subsidized health insurance, and why that might be a good thing.

But it made me think. If you read a snippet of each of the candidates' positions, would you know who was who? How many Americans would?

And of course, that made me think theologically. If you read the positions on anything but raw predestination of Calvin as stated by real Calvinists, and of Arminius by real Arminians, would you know which was which?

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Anonymous said...

I've long felt that employer paid health insurance isn't the best thing. First, the person receiving the benefits is several step removed from the payment of the bill or selecting the plan. Second, your employer's interest in a health insurance plan likely does not mirror your own.

We have a Health Savings Account which is a great improvement. We pay a lower premium for a catastrophic plan that only pays after we've paid $4,000. My employer also offers a PPO, and the base line out of pocket is the same, because my employer balances what they pay between the two plans. The difference is that if we don't have $4,000 in bills in any year (unlikely with 3 kids), we keep the money in our HSA account. Also, with the PPO we pay co-pays each time, no matter how many times we have to get health care. The HSA limits our out of pocket costs to the $4,000, after that everything's %100 covered.

From an economic perspective, we see the cost of every visit or prescription and we know if we didn't get it, that money would be ours.