21 January, 2008

Long time no write...

Well, I was about 7 paragraphs into a post explaining how little I felt like typing when the browser crashed.

Guess how much I feel like rewriting.


Suffice it to say I feel like doo-doo, but in an encouraging kind of way. I'm a happy camper.

Instead, let me tell about this funky little part of a little dream. I believe in prophetic dreams, but I don't have any like that. I just dream what I'm thinking about. It says a lot more about me than about anything God might have to say.

I was trying to work out some way in my dream for 4 people to be happy. It was kind of crazy, but I knew it was possible, so I didn't give up. When I was done, I had a bizarrely realistic answer.

I had 1 wall and 4 people wanted flowers on it. I also had a gate. Sun always shines from the South, and the wall was at the North side of my yard, so it is a South-facing wall. The gate itself points due South when closed, and can be opened either way. So the gate opens such that it is parallel with the wall.

I hung lattice on the wall on both side of the gate, and I hung lattice on the gate itself, on both sides. Each of the 4 people was allowed to plant a crawling vine flower of their choice - one on the fence inside the gate, one on the fence outside the gate, one on the gate toward the inside, and one on the gate toward the outside. And throughout the day, we opened the gate to the inside, center and outside such that each of the flowers got a fair amount of sunshine.

I woke up immediately after testing this Rube Golberg garden in my dream, and just smiled. The thing had worked. How amazingly silly was that?


Missy said...

I guess I can understand how you can feel like doo-doo in an encouraging way - but it still made me laugh.

I enjoyed your post - and I suspect that it is prophetic that you will make 4 people happy... eventually! Don't you find most of the REALLY amazing things a bit silly at first? It used to seem silly to me how children became the center of a parent's life - now its amazing!

Milly said...

:-} Now I want to plant flowers there.

Lynne said...

WOW! I don't think I've ever had a practical dream in my life. Mine are all symbolic and relational and about the fear of falling and the longing to fly, and finding myself with an unexpected (and amazingly precocious) baby or unable to do exams etc etc .. in other words, messy and impractical, like me :-)
I think that dream says a lot about as a person who is not only kind and empathetic, but has the practical nous to be a real help to people.
And yes, I have experienced a couple of prophetic dreams (one time it was a message for someone else which meant nothing to me but was a direct answer to issues they had been strugging with) .. definitely a surreal experience (and very humbling)

steggy said...

Your dream reminds me of Zork. Just sayin'. :)

karen said...

Hmm. I felt like doo doo today, but not in an encouraging way.
Good for you! :-)