25 January, 2008

Church Survey

Ummm. Yeah. Still not thinking straight, but it suddenly occurs to me that none of you have contributed to Eclexia's survey, and it might be because you don't know about it. So, as a PSA, here's a link. I think there's still time.

Why Church?.


eclexia said...

Wow--A PSA for a post I wrote! Thanks for getting the word out more. I am really appreciative of the contributions so far, and no, it's not too late. I don't really have an end date in mind, and hopefully, even after I write my next post, others will continue to stumble across it periodically and add their perspectives.

codepoke said...

You can undoubtedly look for your response rate to double. ;-)

I genuinely appreciate the thinking you're putting into the subject, and I hope you get more input.