09 January, 2008


This is a pretty solid idea: Works For Me Wednesday

Ya'll know I've got nothing like the dedication to do anything every Wednesday, even post a question, but I'm impressed nonetheless.

It just so happens, though, that I actually do have a question for everyone. I've always wanted a bird. I think I'd love a bird. They seem to be like dogs, in that they need and love companionship, but without all the dogness that being a dog seems to require.

Anyone have any experience with birds?

I don't think I'm home enough to have a loving, handfed, solitary bird - it would be alone too much and go nuts. But maybe a little corner piece with 4 songbirds would give me a nice feel and pleasant noises. I don't often turn on the TV, radio or music, so breaking the silence pleasantly would be nice. Especially if they were hand fed enough to accept the occasional shoulder-ride.

... Once I put all the cats out, that is. Grrr. I love the one cat, but the other two have just about driven me past my tolerance. I'm too civilized to dispose of a living being for convenience sake, but just hillbilly enough to give it hard thought from time to time.


Milly said...

I hate to see birds caged. A roommate of an ex boyfriend had finches that flew free in the house. I know you’re thinking icky but the dude was also a clean freak so you never saw any stuff. He did cage them a bit but you were guaranteed to find a nest with eggs in the plants. If you fell asleep on the sofa you might wake with a bird looking at you. I loved it. Parrots can be mean so I’d avoid that. I love the little finches but again hate a caged bird. They use to tell in college that I was a bird in a former life because it really hurt me to see them like that. I think it’s because I love hawks. Night hawks are my favorite, look at how free they are. I need to think about something else now because the whole caged bird thing is bothering me. Still you get rid of those cats and get a bird I'll be ok.*-*

tari said...

I think that is sweet that you want to have a bird, or a couple of them. Don't know anything about them, but I think they are very interesting, and the sounds of birds chirping or singing is just heavenly...

Good luck!

codepoke said...

Thank you, both.

I've thought about the caged bird thing, and I don't know. I think keeping a bird alone is cruel to its nature, but as long as there's a little flock, I think they're probably happy. Adding variety to their lives would seem important to me. Maybe a piece of dried fruit instead of seed, or a new piece of cloth or cotton to worry from time to time.

We'll see. My son's against the idea, and that matters.

Milly said...

You could start with a fake one. My daughter has one that talks to her. It's Squawkers McCaw. No not my idea and it lives in her room.

I'd go for more than one and letting them fly around a lot.