16 December, 2007

Modern Debate

As some of you may recall (hahaha) I orginally started this blog in hopes of it being a debate site. The kind of debate I wanted to do was the boring kind with lots of data and the implicit understanding that the debaters were not trying to convince each other, but the audience.

I quickly had to release that idea before I sunk with it. It happens.

The popular kind of debate, the kind where one loud guy asks another loud questions until the commercial break, gets plenty of play out here on the internet. I don't want to add to that culture. But I have a hero. There is a man who has entered that arena and come out victorious in a good cause.

His name is Jon Stewart.

If you have 15 minutes, watch this video of Jon appearing on Crossfire. If not, I think you can find some versions of this that are half as long in the margins of the youtube page.

Curious how well Jon did in this debate? 2 months later the show was off the air after a 23 year run.


Milly said...

and they are hurting us!
Thank you John!

I love watching him.

I love that he wouldn't be the monkey.

They just didn’t get it.

I'm a Meet The Press fan.

pearlie said...

As some of you may recall

Not that I don't recall - I didn't even know. lol

Missy said...

I am so much in agreement with you here. Jon is one of my heroes, too. I didn't have 15 minutes, but I watched it anyway. :)

Kansas Bob said...

Great video.. Jon elevated in stature when he interviewed Chris Matthews.