03 December, 2007

Big Miss(elanea)


I got out and played an hour and a half of tennis tonight, and I have another migraine.


Some day when I can read, I'm going to have to look up "exercise induced migraine" and see whether there is such a beastie. If there is, I bet it looks like a nasty little imp with a toothpick.

We hates them, little imps's's.

Anyway, under the heading of bizarre coincidences that looks almost like it's probably just fact of life put this little thing that I should have learned years ago. I pulled the clothes out of the dryer a little early yesterday, and guess what? No static.

Hmmmm. I bet static is caused by overdrying.

I bet I start setting the dryer to run to "less dry" a lot more often.

Ah well. The migraine doesn't seem to want to be a bad one, and I sure drilled some stuff I want to have down pat by March. It was a good night, and I bet I sleep well.

Lord bless you all.

(Word verification is extra annoying when you cannot SEE!)


Milly said...

Try PT on your neck you might be adding extra stress from working in front of a computer a lot and then playing. Years of sitting and looking down can do stuff to you. That’s what my PT tells me.

karen said...

I'm so sorry you're in pain...especially since it seems to be hitting you after tennis...something you love.
I'll pray for your comfort returning.

Missy said...

I saw the title and thought, "Hey! What did you just call me?!? Dude, I've lost 40 pounds..."

Just kidding. :)

I notice the growling - do you get all intense and angry like McEnroe? That would give me a doozie for sure. Hope you're feeling better today.

codepoke said...

Thanks for the thoughts, all. I tried something kind of odd, and went to bed a whole hour early last night. It didn't hurt a thing.

Surprising that.

In case any of you are wondering, that post sounds exactly like I always think. 4 ideas stuffed into one sentence with no punctuation. Even I have to read my own thinking twice. It's pretty sad.

Looking back, it was not the tennis. One might think almost breaking into tears over something the cat did might have been a clue. Or maybe whiffing on dozens of shots after I got out there. Or maybe the 4 hours of sleep the night before. Or maybe that telltale wondering, "Should I go out? I might have a migraine coming on." Nah. Why would I think that?

For those keeping score, a hot pack and hot shower felt nice, but did nothing. And there is a thing called exercise induced migraine, but the advice was keep exercising but do something wimpy.

yeah right.

Last night as I was whiffing and puffing I had to keep reminding myself that, "Air is for the weak! Breathe later when you have time to kill."

Actually, I think I pretty much put my finger on four emotional events that I that not worked through yet. That'll get me every time.

Today I was a little slow, but much better. I hit several hundred volleys in the basement (for those of you who have forgotten, I set up my ball machine in my 7 foot basement, and 3 golf nets to catch my shots) and don't think I whiffed once.

It's a better day. Thanks for all your thoughts.

codepoke said...


When my high school soccer coach gave his little speech and anecdotes about each person, mine went like this:

There's only one word for Kevin, Intense.

And he was done.

He may have told the story where he asked me to watch #7 on the other team, and I asked whether he meant for me to take him out. I don't remember.

There's only one position I hate, and that's the bench. As long as there's a crisis going on, I'm a happy camper. Oh, and I hate it when we are way ahead. That eats my lunch. More than once I've lost from being ahead 5-0. I'm learning that the only polite thing to do in that position is mercilessly crush my opponent. That will help me with hating being ahead.

I may be hopeless.

Lynne said...

LOL! I thought my husband was competitive! (I'm still working on convincing him that a simple medical test isn't about passing or failing) In our house I'm definitely the laid back one, but I'm also the migraine sufferer. In my case because i stuff emotions rather than express them -- I grew up in a home where it was verboten to show emotion but perfectly acceptable to physically ill. I'm still trying to figure out how to unlearn that.

But, from one migraineur to another, you have my total sympathy!

karen said...

First, jealous of your ball machine set up.
Second, totally get the competitive stuff.
Third, it's good you recognize your migraine patterns. We all have our own triggers.
Hoping and praying for painfreeness.