19 July, 2007

The Rating Game

From the Dating Game, I guess.

I figured I'd play when KB posted this. Then I figured I'd wait until I'd put up a couple more posts to see whether I got better. Nope. 'Twould appear that I am not suitable for Christian ears. But then, most of the known world seems to have figured that out already.

I wonder how I'll rate after the Remarriage post falls off the front page.

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As expected, once the Remarriage posted drifted away, my rating changed a little bit.

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Milly said...

You and your bad language!
I'm PG. Because of the hell and pain

Milly said...

Last I checked you are PG also.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that you used another's blog for this one ... your are sooo squeaky clean :)

codepoke said...

KB, from anyone else - in fact from more people than I care to admit - that would be a pure insult. But, thanks. :-)

Kansas Bob said...

Mine changed to PG-13 ... why do I like that better than G ?

karen said...

I'm rechecking mine. . .I said a naughty word today. Twice.