09 July, 2007

The Match

Hey ya'll,

I hope you'll forgive my lack of posting. How busy am I? I have not even read any of the blog comments about the recently concluded Wimbledon tourney. I've made the time to read a couple professional articles about it, and this is the best.

Real Men Don't Dance

The author has a heart of Gold, and a heart for God. With this piece, he made me cry - again. He writes the things that matter about the things that don't.

A lot has been made of Nadal's injury. I just finished my ironing and watching the match at the same time. Nadal's injury was not of the sort that took away from his ability to play. The match was pure gold from beginning to end. It will be remembered until their very next big one.

Of course, one might ask why I didn't see the match live. It would be a good question. Simple, really. I stirred the hornets' nest too thoroughly in Sunday School last week, and there was no way I was going to miss the "rebuttal."

Sure enough, attendance was up, and everyone was ready to pick up where we left off.

Have I mentioned that in every college course I ever took, every professor said at least once to the class, "Does anyone agree with Mr. Knox?" I have no clue how I always manage to end up being the only person on my side, but it never changes.

In this case, the discussion was on Heb 4:12. We are going through Hebrews, and I would not be budged on one point. Hebrews 4 does not tell us to work to please God. It tells us to rest in Him. It tells us to strive to rest in Him, but for nothing else. When we enter into Christ, we enter into our Sabbath rest forever.

So, when we got to Heb 4:12, I commented that this verse is about resting, too. That was too much. I maintain that the word of God separates soul from spirit in order to learn who is resting and who is trying to please God. Everyone else in the room contested that the whole testimony of scripture is that we must work to please God. I read the book of Galatians at length to everyone last week, so I didn't feel the need to reiterate.

Anyway, it was pretty wonderful. I distinguished between works that please God and works that flow from love. Someone else distinguished between earning salvation and working as someone saved. Then we all kissed and made up.

Roger played what may have been the match of a career, and the burst of emotion that flowed out of him when he laid down on the court would have had me bawling. But I'd skip it again and again and again to press forward with brothers and sisters into the kingdom.

I love being with saints.


Milly said...

He! Every course in college. I got “Do I have to separate you?” and “Are listening or is it that you can’t hear?” a few yes you can turn in the paper at the end of class. Separate me I was being good it was them, I wasn’t at times and couldn’t at times, thank goodness I can write like that and take notes.

Glad you enjoyed those things. I like the idea of being able to rest. God knows we need it.

I was wondering about the tennis lack of post. I was able to catch a bit of the matches but not much.

Kansas Bob said...

Possibly the only upside of having Ann in a wheelchair this weekend was the Wimbledon finals. We rooted for Venus on Saturday - yea! an American won it ... and ... we were able to watch one of the best men's finals that I have ever seen ... reminded me of watching the Borg's domination of England ... actually it reminded me of watching him play McEnroe in the eighties.

Maybe it is just because I am old but I am now looking forward to the US Open and having breakfast courtside :)

Back to your post CP ... guess I betrayed my heart ... didn't really miss church on Sunday ... but hopefully Ann will recover quickly and we won't stay away too long - no excuse for next week as we don't subscribe to the Tennis channel :)

Missy said...

I always suspected that about you. {c;

codepoke said...

I don't think anything could surprise me less. ;-)

The US Open ought to be fantastic. I believe someone will take Nadal out early in the tournament, and Federer will rack up title #12.

About church, I go for the saints, and the saints alone. I had a couple really touching moments on Sunday. I'm so glad I did, and so glad I do. The touching moments don't come every day, but they don't come at all when you don't have a steady relationship with people.

And, Missy, I suspect you know more than a little what I'm talking about. :-D

Missy said...

CP, you got me there. Since moving to New England, I don't speak up as much, I listen. But once I feel comfortable...

In my house church back in TX, I could ignite a discussion simply by my expression! It's good to know and be known - and still love.

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto your comments on church and relationships CP. But wouldn't it be great to just once or twice a year to do breakfast at Wimbledon or NYC with those close friends :)

I am a heretic or what :(