27 October, 2006

Touching Base

So much going on. :-)

I know I have been late posting for weeks now. It's worse than that. I have had at least 8 posts just rot and die in the mind during those weeks. I hate that. Ideas should not just be allowed to shrivel up in loneliness.

In fact, I am only writing now because I jogged three miles in the rain to make it to the repair shop to pick up my car, and they are not here yet. Grrrr. I want to give them my $2k, and get on with my day. But, at least I have my Crackberry to keep me company, which is a lot like having all of you out here standing in the rain with me. :-)

And that $2k is tied in with me not writing, too. I am approaching a deadline on the bit of sidework that will pay for a major portion of this car repair, so I have been trying shoehorn 15 more hours into my week while getting 1/2 hour more sleep each day. Hey! It's a plan, not a promise.

And it is "feast" time at work. I had been deadly bored for months, but I fixed that. All of my suggestions were taken at once. I now literally have 5 projects to do. 2 I can back-burner, but the other three all come due at once. I love this stuff. Nothing makes me feel like going to work like the certainty of failure (in small doses.) I love to prove reality wrong.

Anyway, I still love you all. Probably in a month or so, I will be trying to wear ya'll down with 30 pagers again, but until then I'll just keep up with the short thoughts.

We will get back to Eph 1.


Weekend Fisher said...

Funny you should mention that about the work schedule. I've been trying to do more writing too, but the projects -- some of them large enough to keep me busy for months -- are coming due quickly.

Hope all works out well.

Take care & God bless

Milly said...

I love running in the rain. I wish I could have been there I can't even think about it for another eight weeks. The snow will call and I can walk. (Well in Oklahoma it's hard to say what will be calling) I was beginning to worry about you, I think you warned us you'd be gone off and on.

We love you too!

Patchouli said...

It's an epidemic! Do you wake up at 5:30 a.m. with the answer to that question yesterday blaring in your head?

codepoke said...


Hmmm. You almost sound as if you don't love it. :-)

codepoke said...


Just can't keep a good girl down!You're finally cleared to work, at least. It's not quite as much fun as putting one foot in front of the other while soaking wet, maybe, but it's something. ;-D

codepoke said...


I'm ashamed to admit that if I wake up at 5:30 AM, there are No answers in my head. :-0

My son was late to bed the other night, so I put in the earplugs. I woke up at some point with them in my hand, wondering what I should do with them. I could clearly tell that they were earplugs. I could even tell that my hand was somehow involved with them. But, it took me a long time to figure out I was not going to go back to sleep with them still in my hand, and decide that they needed to be put somewhere. The funny thing being that I still remember that nonsense.

At least I'm not trying to fit college in along with everything else! AmAzing. May the Lord bless your efforts!