29 October, 2006

Presbuteras: Junia

If anyone would like to participate in a thorough discussion of whether Junia was an apostle, one is going on now at Better Bibles Blog.

After 3 posts, Suzanne has pretty much finished the initial look at whether Junia was a woman. I cannot begin to predict the level of detail to which she will drive, but it's all good stuff so far. She has found and posted a quote from men who quote the only ancient to identify Junia as a man.

Given Suzanne's level of scholarship, and the training of the regular commenters over there, and my lack of both, I will probably be silent for a good while, but I've learned a lot already.

Junia, the Apostle: Part 1
Junia, the Apostle: Part 2
Junia, the Apostle: Part 3


Fr. Robert Hart said...
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Fr. Robert Hart said...

You've got it so completely wrong. You are answering the wrong point. You really need to see Fr. John Hunwicke's brief article at this link: