02 August, 2006

Trip: Home

I'm here. It's midnight, so there will be no posts right now, but I will sleep in my own bed tonight. Work beckons tomorrow, so who knows what will happen. I will probably post the first one during lunch after a final proof. Figure on egalitarianism. I'll let the regeneration post age a little longer.

On the first leg home, I got to sit with another neat couple. I had the window, so I got to take all their in-flight pictures for their son. Really cool. You may see that couple visit the ol' blog. The second leg was delayed 2 full hours. I've never had a flight delayed before, but this trip I was 3 for 4 on the delays. Amusing, on the whole.

Amusing mostly because (and I had not thought of it this way until just now) every flight on which I was delayed I was accompanied by Charles.


For no apparent reason other than providence, Charles and I chose the same flight home. Really cool. We got to talk for the whole 2 hour delay. We were in different seats, so he got to chat with someone else whilst we were in the air, but I'll let that slide. ;-) My neighbor was not chatty in the extreme on this flight, so I typed. Charles did me the honor of giving me a ride to my car, for which I was very grateful.

(Charles, BTW, is not COC. It was Anonymous in seat 6C who was ICOC. Charles is pretty straightforwardly Dallas Theological on everything.)



Milly said...

Welcome home :-)

Andreia said...

So you are one of those chatty folks on planes? And I thought you said you were an introvert! I love flights as well. I find it a unique opportunity to connect to people I would never meet otherwise and to show pics of my kiddos. Ha!
Glad you're home!

codepoke said...

I'm conflicted.


Andreia said...

Ha! That probably wasnt supposed to be funny, but I think you said something quite true about yourself from what I can gather on this here blog.

codepoke said...

It was meant entirely to be funny, and funny is only funny when true.

Don't I know it. :-/

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