04 August, 2006

Tennis: Beware the Tennis of Death

[Am I the only one who has ever edited a post past all recognition? Somehow, I managed to delete 2 half-paragraphs without noticing. What a moroooon.]

In the latter days, men will become lovers of thrills more than lovers of sanity.

When I saw the pictures here [I killed the link after ZoneAlarm saved me from some spyware from this site. I jacked their pictures, and you will find them at the bottom of this post if I can get them to upload. So far, no dice.] [OK. I cannot upload the pictures. What a drag. Here's the link again - here. I didn't have any trouble visiting this link. My problem came when I tried to go to their home page, so I recommend you don't do that. The pictures are really, really cool.]

Anyway, as I was saying so very long ago. When I saw the pictures at that site, I actually blanched. I shied back away from my screen, and I'm sure my face went pale.


Now, I have to address Anonymous directly. (I don't think this was Anon in 6C, but it doesn't matter. Such vulgarity MUST be addressed!) Anonymous come here on this site commenting favorably about Rafael Nadal with links identifying him as the King of Clay! Something has to be said. Just wait 'til next year, tennis buff! Federer's got the stuff! So what if it took him 6 or so tries to finally figure the muscle-bound Majorcan out? Things are gonna change now. :-D

I'll be watching for you during next year's French ....

{For those of you who did not go to the picture site out of caution, it is a collection of pictures of a tennis court in Dubai dangling in mid-air over the edge of a skyscraper. Federer and Agassi are playing a little match with nothing between themselves and death but a horizontal 6 foot net and good sense. Given that I totally lack good sense (I cannot resist chasing down good a lob) I don't think I would live long up there. I'm not afraid of heights, but this thing terrified me.}