28 August, 2006


Our old friends, Rich and Ken, from The Realm of Possibility have finally put out their first child's website:

The Dorkman Cometh!

If you have never read Rich riffing on the Web, you have missed one of the true acts of beauty and genius this medium affords. This book cannot be anything but comic and personal brilliance. I don't not recommend waiting for my review to pre-order your case quantities. :-)


Andreia said...

Hey, we NEED a new Cowboy saying of the month. OR you have to change it to COWBOY saying of the quarter. Come on Kevin!

codepoke said...

I was all set to make a smart-alek remark, and then I decided to make it in the template itself, and next thing I know....

Well, just look what you made me do.

You should be ashamed.

Milly said...

Doggone if that ain’t rightly so.

Andreia said...

HA! Thanks for the first real laugh in a few days!

Interesting choice here on the verse as well..hhmmm...what are you saying by putting that one up? I guess that is for us all to figure out. We have had the BEST sermon series lately called Who's COming to Dinner. It has discussed the dinners that Jesus attended and how he had a way of well just being kinda canktankerous (sp?). Really nice fresh look at the verses attached to this.

Anyway, while we are on the topic, not that you asked me, but that has never stopped me before, (how that for a run-on) but you must trash the college drop-out banner. It is so NOT telling of who you are and your intellect. It bugs me and if I could scratch it, I would!

So there!

Andreia said...

Now I gotta manage my time and get to work!

codepoke said...

Milly knows about "The Law of Holes." :-)

codepoke said...


Interesting choice here on the verse

Posting on that shortly. Even I couldn't put that up without comment.

trash the college drop-out banner

I don't know that I could. It's just such a part of who I am. It's the decision that gave me a whole new life, and I'm still trying to figure out whether it was the right decision, and whether this is the right life.

If I weren't a predestinationist, I would probably have curled up in a ball on a park bench decades ago, and still be there. I've got challenged relations, and being a park person would not be hard to believe of me. Who am I kidding? I'm tempted to surrender every day.

If I had stuck it out in college, I wouldn't know myself with fingerprints now. That Kevin would be so foreign to me as to be frightening.

There is a respected theory of cosmology that asserts there are as many universes as there are probabilities. Literally, every universe that could exist, does exist. Googleplexes of universes are out there, and somewhere in them there is a Kevin who finished college, a Kevin who stayed married, and a Kevin who didn't marry the wrong girl those many years ago.

I don't know whether that theory is remotely possible.

But still, I think about it, and I cry to think that maybe, just maybe, in all these universes God is proving something very, very beautiful. Maybe God is proving that it doesn't matter what mistakes we make. Maybe, in every one of those universes, Kevin Knox is apprehended by the Love of a massive God. And maybe, no matter which mistakes Kevin Knox makes, God brings him home forever every time, and admires the handiwork He showed in a child of His Love.

In a billion, billion universes, Jesus never fails.

In this universe, Kevin Knox would not be who he is if he had stayed in college. Maybe it's misleading to put that in a banner. I don't know. But I'll never think of myself any other way.

Andreia said...

Wonderfully said Codepoke and I hear you. I really do! I suppose what bothers me about it isnt that important at all. In my little world there is nothing more damning than someone questioning my intellect. So I projected upon you my fear that others would read it and not understand the depth of your study and thinking. It really is a silly thought especially in light of your beautiful words.

Tonight someone challenged me that my hurts could/should be a powerful impetus to minister to those who have suffered with a marital affair. I tell you that the thought of putting that part of my life back on me, even if to minister to others, made me ill. While I acknowledge that my challenges were part of God's plan and that it has made me a stronger more forgiving person, I would prefer to forget it the best I can.

You have nudged me in the most gentle of ways to claim my "failures" for him. The same message in one night. Wow.

Milly said...

If you aren't ready if your husband isn't don't do it. I respect those who can openly spill it out and I have been very open to some about my marriage. I won’t put my husband back through it. He isn’t the kind of man who can take the pain over again.

God will lead you don’t allow someone to push. You have so many things on your plate.

I too dropped out of college. About a year or so ago something dawned on me. It was huge I was devastated by the fact that I had been so deceived by some. When I told my husband he looked crushed then said “If you had taken the other path you wouldn’t have me.”

Codepoke’s children, who he is, all of us, might not be here.

God’s plan not ours.

Rich said...


Just kidding. Thank you, codepoke. Thank you a lot.

I was going to e-mail you, Doug, and even Thinklings to see if any of you guys would review the book and post that review, good or bad, on your sites.

Heck, anyone can review it. Everyone can. AND SHOULD!!! However, eveyone still has to actually -- drumroll for the big moan, please -- buuuuuuuy the book, as all of our freebies went to our moms and such. Now, any "free" book that I give away, I've actually bought myself, which isn't a great way to do business. It is, on the other hand, a new and refreshing way to head for bankruptcy. But family and business obligations necessitate that I'll have to pass.

I will e-mail you to make sure you can get one. We're still working on access, and I know you've mentioned "How?" to get one before. Hopefully, all the access problems will be taken care of in short order since success of our book, by most measures (but not all), will depend upon it.

Once again, THANKS!!!

codepoke said...

I've read enough of your stuff, brother, to know that I'd never let this opportunity get past me. I've read enough of your foolishness in the raw to be scared of it with genuine refinement and editing, but I can take it. :-)