04 October, 2009

You're OK With Us

That's the motto of AMSCOT, a local predatory lending chain. It's also the starting point of many a lost young person's descent into drugs. And it's the call of the highest minded voices in our land. Black, white, muslim, buddhist, male, female, gay, straight, rich, poor, brilliant, challenged, native, foreigner, poet, worker, blue collar, white collar, red state, blue state.

America means, "You're OK with us."

Should that motto work for the church, too?


Anonymous said...

Should that motto work for the church, too?

Yes and no. We should be open but not. We should teach change of sinful behaviors.

karen said...

Should that motto work for the church, too?
And, I'm not afraid to sign my name to that statement.

Kevin Knox said...

Thank you, Milly (I assume) and Karen.

I find the sentence annoying, aggravating, and almost infuriating. The church is saddled with a reputation for discrimination when it's absolutely the church that taught the rest of the world to be accepting! Name your division between people, and it's the church that laid the bridge that connected those people. America says, "You're OK" because Jesus accepted everyone who came to Him.

The declaration, "You're OK with us," is a good thing.

But it's not a very good thing.

A very good phrase would be, "We love you," with all that love encompasses. It means, "Come as you are. We stand with you." It also means, "We won't encourage your self-destruction and we won't let you treat us evilly."

You're OK with us is a good thing, but much like everything else the church has given the world, it stops short.