11 October, 2009

Codepoke to be Wed

There are several praises about which to be thankful today. That Dana said, "Yes," is the first and greatest. (So as not to create unnecessary suspense, the second is that I'm gainfully employed - praise the Lord indeed. The third must remain unspoken and it's not yet an assured thing.)

I love how life doesn't do what we expect it to do. I expected to be deliriously happy, and I am. I expected to feel like I'd reached this decision only after giving due consideration to every angle, and I have. I expected to feel both doubt and confidence, and I do. What I didn't expect was to feel so deeply humbled.

It's a strange thing. I feel like I've got so much more understanding than when I first married, but I still feel more like the fool of Proverbs fame than ever. Solomon talked about the wise man, the evil man and the foolish man. The foolish man was more naive than evil, and that's how I feel today.

The cliche artist in me rushes to rejoice I've found the trailhead to wisdom, but the bruised 45 year-old man in me looks at scripture and history and the great cloud of witnesses who have believed before me and mutters something about shutting up and getting on with it.

The Lord has blessed me with the love of a precious woman who treasures the same things I do, in a completely different way than I ever could. I love her joyfully and thankfully and look forward to a life of many mistakes as we start all over again from the middle.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Thank you, my friends, for supporting me over the years. You made a rich difference.


Lynne said...

Hey, do I get to be the first to congratulate you online? I'm thrilled for both of you!

May the Lord bless you and keep you
May you both continue to be overwhelmed by the tender heart of jesus, expressed to you through another's fallible flesh.
May your joy continue to grow

salguod said...

Congratulations, my friend, that is good news indeed (on both fronts).

I think that when we are young, it seems as though things are able to be figured out and therefore, when we reach a certain level of understanding or knowledge, we believe that we have got it nailed. The older we get, however, the more we see that there is to know and, although we see our knowledge increase, the gulf between what we know and complete knowledge grows ever wider.

It's as if the closer we get to knowledge, the more we realize how far away it really is.

Acknowledging both realities is a sign of maturity and humility.

And I think that if that made any sense at all, let alone actually expressed what I was trying to say, it'll be surprising. :-D

Congrats again.

Missy said...

Yippeeeeee!! Since I think I'm one of the youngest of your regulars, I can act it. :)

Plus, I think you're still pretty young there "in the middle".

Congrats to you both and may you have many interesting, but happy mistakes in your future.

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats to you both!! Wishing you all great joy as you begin this lifelong walk together. And quoting you this verse as a blessing..

"And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

..may your marriage be one where you and Dana are strongly wrapped together in God.

And I will be looking for pictures on Facebook :)

Anonymous said...

Kevin & Dana,

We are so thankful that God has led you together! Congratulations!

His Word expresses our prayer for you both here:


71 and still learning to love as He loves us! B&J

Milly said...

God bless your path

pearlie said...


Rich said...


Congrats, man! Just really, really happy for you. Don't think I've ever had the pleasure of cyber- talking to Dana, but awesome for her as well. Enjoyed reading your feelings.

God is great. Love is good.

Very good.

Kevin Knox said...

You guys stood by me through a long, dusty part of the trail. Thank you, one and all. I've got a lot of confusing thoughts about social media and the church, but your steadfast support is definitely one of the gifts of the good old blogosphere (may it slide quietly and peacefully into the long obsolesence.)

Dana and I are very encouraged by your support and absolutely tickled pink as we move forward to marriage. Thank you for celebrating with us.

Lynne said...

mate, it's our privilege and pleasure to be allowed to glimpse your pilgrim heart. Never underestimate how much encouragement you are to the rest of us.

BTW, if you should by chance get this sudden wild notion to honeymoon in Australia ... :)

DugALug said...

Congratulations Kevin,

May God's blessing shine on you and your bride. I am so very happy for you.

God Bless

karen said...

Yippeeee! I'm old and don't have to act it!! YAY for you and Dana!!

Gav said...

Good onya Code!