15 September, 2008

Power's Back On

After just 18 hours.

In retrospect, I guess we might have resorted to cannibalism a bit early.


Even the food in the fridge all still seems fine. It was quite a blow, though. I cannot imagine being in it down in Houston.

I was out riding my bike on a tree-covered trail when it hit. I really ought to pay more attention to the weather reports. In fact, I had gotten back on the bike to head home after hitting some tennis balls with a random stranger. The balls were blowing as much as 15 feet away from their initial target when we finally decided to call it a day.

The trail ride was actually a little nervous. A tree fell behind me, and another falling limb caught me right in the arm. In the end, I just went home and watched it all from my porch. The neighborhood had some dramatic tree falls, but nothing personally. I went and checked on all my neighbors and contacts, and everyone was good to go.

I really do have about 3 posts in the oven. Don't give up on me yet. :-)


Milly said...

Give up! Never! ;-}
Oklahoma was to get some harsh wind but I guess it missed us and hit you guys. We sold all of our generators and several flashlights, radios, and batteries. Too many folks remember the ice and power outages I suppose. We got rain and not but a bit of wind.

Too bad about the damage.

I almost lost a regular customer because a tree fell on him. Glad you’re ok Cowboy.

Praying for those in need.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are well. We were without power for about 24 hours. It was a little inconvenient, but nothing really harmful for us. We are thankful.


Lynne said...

I'm glad you're okay too. Can't even imagine that kind of weather, we get nothing equivalent here.
And I just shake my head over guys playing tennis in wind like that, because the scary part is I can imagine my husband doing it too ..

But I hear there's been terrible damage in some places

tye-dye trinity said...

I have been without power since about 4pm Sunday and still not back on yet. Have lost everything in fridge and freezer and one tree in the front yard.

I am thankful to be safe; but it sure is inconvenient, if not somewhat maddening, being without any power for this long and no end in sight.

Kansas Bob said...

Amazing how Ike impacted the midwest.. glad the power was only 18 hours.. heard it was out in parts of Cincinatti for days.

karen said...

Geeez. Hard to believe such bad backlash up there. My friend's mom is with her here in Texas because she had no power. Glad you're ok, CP.