01 September, 2008

My First ...

Opportunity to preach, that is.

Yes, your little codepoke got to stand in a pulpit for the first time this morning. That's not the whole reason I've been so slow to post, but it did have an effect. :-)

It was an exciting morning for me, and for those of you who are interested it's online already thanks to the ultra-efficient sound guy at our church.

Fruit in the Wilderness


Milly said...

You did a great job!
I gave it a listen last night and wil be iPod'n it for later times.

I'm bust'n with pride for ya Cowboy.

Kansas Bob said...

Wow! How cool is this. Great to hear what you sound like.. listened a bit.. not a sermon? Don't know hermeneutics.. not the codepoke I know :)

I downloaded it and hope to listen to it all later today.

Missy said...

Kev, this was good! It was interesting listening to your thoughts in something other than my own voice. I've never thought of the fruits of the spirit as miracles - but they really are! I was listening as I was multi-tasking with painting, kids, cooking, etc. so I look forward to listening with both ears this week. Thanks for sharing this, bro.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining a bit about the Holy Spirit. I have been made to feel that I am not living up to my potential as a Christian because I don't speak in tongues, interpret tongues, prophesy, or heal.

Don't know if I have ever heard a sermon specifically address the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your courage and your faithfulness to God.


Milly said...

I’m not in the sand I’m in the wilderness.

Miss Littles listened to a bit while laying on me in bed. She may have questions when she gives it a good listen.

Kansas Bob said...

I liked your message Kevin! John 7:38 is my favorite scripture these days.. I have used it in sermons twice this year.

I liked what you said about being thirsty.. connects some theological dots about why the Holy Spirit is effective in some.. similar to the "earnestly desire" of 1Cor14:1.

Did they post your slides some place.. I'd like to see them.

Blessings, Bob

codepoke said...

Guys and ladies, I'm honored by your kind words. Thank you. :-)

(Though I do have to admit to having heard my thoughts in my voice before. ;-) )

Anyone can email me for the Powerpoint if you'd like to see how far I deviated from the original script.

Mike said...

Wow what a blewssing. I will have to give this a listen.

Lynne said...

Only listened to the first few minutes so far, just to get a "feel" .. will listen properly when I can count on some uninterrupted time.
So far, so great!
(and as if you haven't been writing very edifying sermons for us for quite some time!)

tye-dye trinity said...

Hey! Listened to your sermon online. First, let me say that you have tons more guts than I do to be willing to get up and give a sermon!

I thought you explained the Holy Spirit very well. I never was quite sure about the whole tongues, prophecy thing. Part of that was because of the denomination I was raised in. Part is because I have just never really understood all of that.

I too, have been made to feel, at times in my life, that I am not a "full christian" because I cannot speak in tongues, prophecy, perform miracles, heal etc. Nothing makes you feel worse than for someone to say something to you or about you that makes you feel like you've done something wrong because you cannot do these "things". It's made me wonder over the years, especially in the past couple of years, what am I doing wrong that I don't feel this or that?

Well, I found out there is nothing wrong with me. The way you explained the Holy Spirit in your sermon is how I have come to believe, particularly in recent months, that He works. And you are right, all I needed to do was be thirsty.

I was thirsty (still am) and because of that and because I have been seeking God daily, more than daily, He is there. God is with me, every moment of every day and so is the Holy Spirit. I know this because He has drawn me into a much more personal relationship with Him. It has been an amazing journey and I know its not over! Which is great! I want to grow more; to learn more; to give more; to daily work and grow to be more like Him.

So, thanks for explaining it the way that you did. There are many of us out here who have been made to feel that we were something less than a full christian because we did not have these abilites that we have been conditioned to think we should have.

I liked your sermon and agreed with what you said the Holy Spirit is and how He works. I know this because I have experienced it myself in these recent months.

Thanks for sharing it in such a manner that those of us who have been made to feel like something less, because we can't speak in tongues or whathaveyou, are not losers as christians.

Keep up the good work!

Ps. On a small technical note, I had a very difficult time hearing you on the website. I had my volume up to full and you were just above a whisper. Don't know if that was you, how it was recorded or if it was my system. But, just wanted to let you know.

Milly said...

I didn't have any trouble hearing it. In fact I was impressed with Kevin for not making the rookie mistakes of having trouble getting the levels right due to the head moving up and down or messing with the mic. Nothing like hearing “let us pray (head goes down) DEAR LORD!!!!!!!!!” us sound folk scramble to bring the level down. Even the pros hit the mic from time to time. That’s a bit buggy for us in the booth.

The sound person did a good job with it.

Milly said...

a joke from Miss Littles

Why should you never tell secrets on a farm?

Because corn has ears and potatoes have eyes

codepoke said...

I have to admit I can take no credit for anything right about the sound. Our sound guy put the mic on my head, and I didn't touch it!

No skill there. :-)

Milly said...

For the first couple of years our associate minister wasn’t allowed to dress or undress the mic. I’d get eyebrow lifting when I’d start removing the mic from him but he would yank on the thing.

The mics pick up all sorts of stuff. If you breathe too hard we hear it. You did do a good job. I listen for that kind of stuff.

Yep your sound tech did good.

You also didn’t seem to need editing like my minister does. His humor isn’t for all. I’ve wondered if the Starbucks comment was edited out. He asked if I needed it to keep up with the slides. I soooo did. ;-}

karen said...

I'll be listening to the rest in a bit; I tuned in just to hear your voice, Kevin. That was a blessing in itself.
Real proud of you, bro.

karen said...

Okay, that was great! Good Word!