12 April, 2008

When Did Changing the World Become Every's Job

This is another of my son's questions.

I keep looking for where it all went wrong. I look back over the centuries, and I don't guess it ever really went right except during that one golden age of the '50's. But somehow, things look better in the past. I guess they always do, but a day when a man cared for his family, when morality was de rigeur, and when having good grandkids was "reason enough" looks pretty golden to me.

I wonder if one of the things that went wrong isn't this feeling that seems to pervade everything that we all have to be changing the world.

I think it started in the '60's, and it set us up for failure. If we're saving the world, then maybe it's OK that we skip a couple little insignificant things like hearing our kids crying out for our time, or our spouses longing to feel significant again.


Milly said...

You’re right the 50s was an age of golden and stupidly following what the government said and buying into what commercials were pitching.

The age of the 60s (Yep singing The Age of Aquarius in my head at the moment) brought change. Our eyes were opened to the injustice of the government and the world.

Once that box was opened it changed everything some good and some a lot bad.

I don’t wish to go back to the age of stupidity after all women were allowed to be in abusive relationships and told they had to be. I want to not be in one.

There are several other reasons I don’t want the 50s back but I have to ready my children for church.


My word verification in ml bed. Yes Milly wants to be in bed.

kc bob said...

Up until a few years ago I bought into this tripe - if its going to be its up to me.. laughable now but some time ago I fully embraced it.. sigh.

The problem is with perspective.. changing the world is all about loving people -one person at a time. Love will change the world.. loving our kids will do it.. loving our friends may give them the encouragement to do something extraordinary -or not.. love never fails.. everything else does.