07 April, 2008

A Man's Salute

Says a lot about him.

Someone saluted me as I was driving out today, so I saluted back. And as I did, it occurred to me some of the things a man's salute says.

When his fingers and thumb are rigidly held with a knife-edge precision, the man likes to see himself as precise. When his shoulder is properly pulled back, and his elbow extends directly 90 degrees away from his body and level with the terra firma, he really is precise.

But when he straightens his spine, and stands tall with his chin level, he's giving true respect to the man he's saluting.

I don't know why, but that was very interesting to me.


Milly said...

Perhaps because I grew up a bit hippie and because my parents were those kind who waved flags around I just didn’t understand why on earth you’d salute another person and I’ll admit it a piece of cloth. Then I because a mom and a cub scout leader. To see those boys trying their best to mimic the boy scouts and to here so much pride for our country touched me. When I see a military salute it stirs something in me. I’m proud to be and American. I’ll hold the rest of my hippie politics for another time. ;-}

Kansas Bob said...

Reminds me of boot camp.. why did you have to do that :)

Missy said...

I have always been able to tell My Marine's level of respect for another by his posture. It IS very interesting. :)