16 February, 2008

Too Good not to Quote

Palladian said:
So many people are looking for a President that they can be excited about. I am looking for a President I can feel calm about.

I could not have said it half so well. I will vote for the person I think will make the fewest mistakes, and have the fewest character deficiencies.

This concludes my brief foray into politics.

(Hat Tip to Tari, for getting me to subscribe to Instapundit. I hated to be a sheep, but the guy really covers everything that's important in 2 sentence bites. I can keep up with that.)


Kansas Bob said...

How about humility? Do you think that there is a way that we can evaluate a candidate's humbleness? Maybe presidential candidates should be forced to take one of those online tests :)

tari said...

I loved the sensibility in that quote as well, codepoke! Making me feel calm is a good start. (Glad you like that site...so true.)

And good question, KB. I'll bet there's a test out there that could smoke them out...trouble would be getting the candidates to take it. ;-)

Mike said...