10 February, 2008

How Stuff is Killing the Planet


I couldn't quite get myself to pull the trigger on linking to this presentation. It has sat in my inbox, taunting me, for almost 2 weeks now. I don't even remember whom to hat-tip for linking me to it.

This is a young lady doing an engaging job of telling how our consumer culture is destroying the world upon which we depend. I think it was 20 minutes long, so set aside a little time if you plan to watch it. She uses numbers that I seem to recall being torn to shreds. I know I've heard them before from rabid greenies, the kind that don't care one whit about facts if they're getting their way. At best they are pulled out of the air, and at worst they're carefully culled and framed to manipulate.

With that caveat, she gives a great, wide-reaching overview of what's wrong with being a consumer culture so I'll share it. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt we miss use a lot but when God is done with this earth He will finish and remake.

Didn't watch the link, not at home


Mike said...

I posted on this also. Some of the numbers that were given are a little naf, but I enjoyed and agreed with the spirit of the presentation.