10 September, 2007

What Is Love?

I finished watching Federer dodge bullets and come out a straight set winner, and left for a walk last night. It had been raining all day, and the air could not have been much heavier.

As always, I walked down to the tennis courts first. It's where I always go when I'm thinky, and I was that and a little bit last night. It was kind of silly to walk down there, since my knee is still suffering some tendonitis and I had on bad shoes, no knee brace and no rackets, but that's never stopped me before.

Yep, there was a threesome of cunning codgers there, all of whom I know pretty well.

So in bad shoes, with a bad knee, a borrowed aluminum racket, and strokes that I KNEW were going to give me trouble, I got out on the court.

How do people say "no" to anything, anyway?

I was right. My strokes were appalling. I just finished a tennis camp where every one of them was reworked completely, and I'm still trying to settle them in. With match pressure on me, and no warmup, I was hitting awfully.

We won 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.

I can't help it. Love makes a man do silly things.


Milly said...

I can't help it. Love makes a man do silly things.

That it does
That it does

I was in a hurry at work last night and found myself running a bit it was great. All I could think of in the cool of the night tonight was I want to run. My knee and the fact that I’d be alone at midnight kept me from pounding that pavement.

I suppose you are more in love.

Kansas Bob said...

A good weekend of tennis for our clan ... it was a great time to be homebound. Federer must have nerves of steel to withstand those set point challenges and then win the tiebreaks. I still can't figure out why Henin beats women so much bigger than she ... I really thought Venus would beat her. Maybe they both just want it more ... think they just love the game a bit more?

Good for you CP that you didn't let the imperfect knee, shoes and racket keep you from doing what you love ... I sense a sermon there :)

Maybe next year we can make it to NYC to catch it live!

Tari said...

Sweet. :)

pearlie said...

I can't help it. Love makes a man do silly things.
Reminds me of the cross :)