19 September, 2007

Are You As Smart As A Harvard Student?

Maybe you wouldn't have to be too impressed if you were.

The average college freshman fails this test of civic literacy. Unfortunately, so does the average college senior. The most telling fact of this whole experiment is how little better students did with 3 years of learning under their belts. Harvard seniors did best, scoring an average of D+ on the test.

There are 60 questions, and I found them quite challenging. I scored an 85%, missing 9 questions in all (detail supplied because it's not a test of math.) You can miss 25 questions and still be doing better than most college seniors.

Enjoy (if this is your kind of thing.)

HT: The Kruse Kronicle
To see all the results and guess at your own interpretations of what they mean, visit here:


Lynne said...

This is really scary. I got 73.33%, which considering I'm not an American, never learned any of that stuff and have never studied economics, i thought was pretty OK. Then i discovered that I still did better than the American college students. Huh? How can that be? Bit of a worry, actually.

Scott Roche said...

You answered 42 out of 60 correctly — 70.00 %
Average score for this quiz during September: 74.6%
Average score since September 18, 2007: 74.6%