08 May, 2007

Crazy 8

I have to quote these rules from KB's site.

  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Then I have to tell you that I'm going to break them religiously. Sorry, I'm barely socially confident enough to post 8 random facts about myself, much less ask others to do so. Count that as a bonus fact. :-)

Food: I love food. I know of nothing I won't eat, though I don't like sweet potatoes much, and could live without eating fish again. Basically, if it's food and it's front of me, it won't be either for long.

Family: Not one member of my family lives within 6 hours of any other member past the age of majority. We are not a social lot. On my father's side, they were all migrant workers and on my mother's side - well, my great grandma divorced and took two children from New York to Los Angeles before that kind of thing was cool.

Exercise: Aerobics bore me stiff in all their incarnations. So, I do mostly bodyweight stuff supplemented with an elastic band. I do one where I put my right foot on a desk and my left elbow on the floor, and raise and lower my body, for example. I found out that my right knee was still weak moving laterally, so I am forcing it to start contributing again. I think it may cure my need for the ACL brace 10 years after my surgery.

Profession: When I decided to join the army as a mechanic I said, "It's worth it, because at least they cannot make me a clerk." You guessed it. 6 months as a tool-room clerk, 1 1/4 years as the battalion maintenance management clerk, 6 months as the motor sergeant's clerk and 1 1/2 years as a sergeant - a glorified clerk. Now, I'm in charge of making programmers act like clerks. Things are better now, since I'm beginning to finally give up all hope.

Obsession: I have dedications and obsessions. I was obsessed with Formula One racing for 10 years. I hardly ever missed a race, and knew all the gossip. One day - literally, one day - I decided I was done, and I have not seen a single race since. No obsession is safe with me. I could drop tennis tomorrow, and never look back. You don't believe me, but believe me. My dedications are all rock-solid, though. It's unusual.

Faith: Hmmm. Random? All the rest were pretty easy, but this one is so serious-ish. OK. It was really, Really, REALLY hard to grow up as a fundamentalist charismatic who experienced no miracles. I wouldn't count it as a miracle unless I was sure God had done it, and I never was. Looking back, I'm sure I was right. He didn't do anything miraculous in "that" way in my life. I've spent decades trying to remember that this doesn't prove I'm inferior. I may be inferior, but this doesn't prove it. I mean, I never even spoke in tongues, and after 10 years surrounded by those who never didn't one begins to doubt one's faith. I made up for it on the fundamentalist ultra-legalism side, though, so I had that going for me. ;-)

Ailments: All self-inflicted. I have cut my eyebrow wide open with my own tennis racket - then did the same thing 2 months later. When I started back with tennis just after the divorce, I injured my abdominals. Next year, I injured my shoulder. Year after, I injured my elbow. Last year I injured my wrist. This year, I seem to be working on injuring my off-shoulder. Trying to generate rotational inertia against which to lever, I am throwing my left arm backwards so violently that I am in danger of an RSI injury there. I know, most of you would stop doing that. I will not. I will, instead, spend extra time lifting weights to condition the shoulder against the strain and go on hitting my brutal forehand at anyone who will return it.

Games: I am in search of the ultimate 15 minute game, one that allows brilliant insight but punishes oversights mercilessly. Timed chess works great, but it's so hard to find anyone who doesn't play way above or below me. I can play "Minefield" on a Windows computer for a half-hour, and never even notice the time went by. It's a great game but solitaire games are, shall we say, unsatisfying.

I hope you're still awake. :-)


Milly said...

Now I have to do one. You know how I hate talking about Milly. ;-]

It was an interesting read getting to know more about ya Cowboy

Kansas Bob said...

The Army, minefield and chess ... more things in common. Enjoyed the read CP. Look forward to that day when we get that cup of joe.

Kansas Bob said...

I almost forgot another commonality - programming ... even if I did COBOL ... it is still a link :)

codepoke said...


The more we change, the more everything's the same. Sometimes Java just seems like COBOL with the code scattered out betwixt a dozen folders and a hundred files.

Lynne said...

Not only did I stay awake, I actually wrote up my own version, for what it's worth. So maybe you have more tag-power than you realise! :-)

pearlie said...

I was obsessed with Formula One racing for 10 years ... I decided I was done, and I have not seen a single race since.

That's a strong will power I don't think many will even be able to muster.

fundamentalist charismatic
You remind me of my favourite lecturer who is too fundamental to go to a charismatic church but too pentecostal to go to a "mainline" or whatever-youc-all-it church. He ended in a Free Evangelical Church!!

Nice reading about you!

karen said...

"I do one where I put my right foot on a desk and my left elbow on the floor, and raise and lower my body, for example."


codepoke said...

Pearlie - No will power involved. I just suddenly found it boring. My mother actually quit smoking like that. One day she just decided she was done, and never looked back.

codepoke said...


If it will get me out of that knee-brace, I don't care how silly it looks. :-)

Milly said...

That's how I gave up smoking. One day I just put Myself out.

karen said...

I don't care how silly it looks....how the heck you do that?
My visual image of this contortion looks painfully abnormal....

codepoke said...

OK. Take a look at this picture.


I start here.
Then I drop my hips.
Then I lift my hips and uppper leg into a kind of a starfish looking thing.

Then I take my top leg, and put it on a desk.
Drop my hips.
Lift my hips and lower leg until everything is as high as I can get it.

Does that seem as contorted as what you were picturing?