11 February, 2006

The Fractal Christ - Why

The Universe was created for our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was created as a gift from the Father to the Son. It was created as a labor for the Son, as a place to prove Himself, as a birthing place for His bride, as a picture of the many facets of the Godhead, as a beautiful expression of His passion and person.

The same is true of you and me. We were created for our Lord Jesus Christ.

We were created as gifts from the Father to Christ. We were created as a labor for the Son, as a place to prove Himself, as a part of His bride, as a picture of the Godhead, as expressions of His person.

I find that arresting.

Fractals were created by God a long time ago, and discovered by scientists about 30 years ago. A fractal is just something that looks like all the little things that make it up. A tree trunk splits into forks. The forks split into branches, which split into limbs, and then twigs. If you look at a twig through a paper towel roll, it looks something like the tree does from fifty feet away.

Trees are not perfect fractals. The twigs only look vaguely like the tree itself.

Christ is perfectly fractal. Whether I look at Him from my personal perspective, from the perspective of eternity, from the church, from the kingdom, from the moment of redemption, or from the final triumph I see the same I AM. His attributes are seen in His every work, and they all look the same.

He is perfect, but beyond the sense in which we often mean perfect. We often mean merely flawless. We do nothing flawlessly, so we are impressed with passive freedom from error, but He is actively perfect. He does all things, and He does them well.

He is Love, but again, active Love. He did not merely love us enough to receive us when we came to Him. He loved us to the extent of bringing all His beaming purity to our earth, searching us out in our bloody filth, and pulling us to His bosom - at the expense of His Life. He washed us in His own blood so that we could be with Him in that Throne Room of Isaiah 6.

He is Life, given. He is the Seed, buried that it might rise again 100 fold. He is the Vine, into Whom we have been grafted, and from Whom we are supplied that we might bear fruit to His glory. He is the body and blood, broken and spilled that we might rise in newness of life to Him forever.

And He is all those things for the Universe, for the kingdom, for the church, and for you and for me.

He attends to our needs for food and shelter, for spiritual touch, for purpose, and for forgiveness. These needs are radically different, and yet He is the same always and in every way, and He meets them fully. When we pray, we come to him in many moods and modes, and it is the same Lord who answers our every need. He is the never-changing One, and He is the answer to all our ever-changing prayers.

Praise the Lord.

The scripture hints that the church should equal the Lord in some ways, and do greater works than those He did on earth. The idea of a familyhood church falls far short of that requirement. Far short. It is the best my feeble mind can imagine right now, so I will continue down that road waiting on the Lord to open my heart and mind to something truer. But, I am looking for something greater.

I hope to do, not a series of posts, but a theme from this day forward. The Fractal Christ. Things He is and does for the universe, the kingdom, the church, and the person. I expect to find some places that the church should answer back in kind to the things He has done.

Who knows?

I don't. I don't even know what the next post will be like. I hope it's worth our time. :-)


Danny Kaye said...

Great post, Codepoke. I really look forward to reading more of this.

To accurately paint a picture of Jesus with simple text is an awesome challenge.

Go for it!!

codepoke said...

Thanks, Danny.

I'm afraid I have bit off more than I can chew. If I'm right, things might get a little messy. ;-)