11 September, 2009

Lucie's Prayer

HT: GlenScriv linked to these two hilarious videos

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Milly said...


Missy said...

"Live to love me, not to please me. I'm not your judge anymore. I'm your deliverer, and I want you to be saved."

I didn't get the ones Glen linked to, but this one, I get.

Kevin Knox said...

Thanks for playing along and for your feedback. I'm mulling over whether video can be used productively, and this kind of cheap presentation makes for a nice experiment.

Even if the actors are a little wooden. :-)

For the record, the main idea of the video is one I've been tossing around for a long time. We pray codependently. We try to only feel acceptable feelings, and to try to guess what those acceptable feelings might be. In the first half of the video, Lucie is doing this badly. She's been living in fear that she'll displease Billy, and she's reacting to Jesus in that same fear. In the second half, Jesus tries to coax Lucie to try honesty.

Margaret M. Irons said...

I'm posting a link to this from my website, which is for former members of a group somehwat similar to GE's. Lucie essentially voices the kind of prayer we were trained in - death to self, "go the way of the cross." Jesus pushes past that to address the reality of the feelings. I think seeing/hearing the dialogue puts years of conditioning in a nutshell and reveals a completely different kind of prayer - prayer as a dialogue with God, in which there are small nudges, glimpses of a different perspective that come from the Holy Spirit, and a resulting release - at least momentarily - from the self-perceived isolation, into living connection with God. Thanks, Kevin.

Kevin Knox said...

Thank you, Margaret. May the Lord bless.

Yeah, this is the way I prayed about my church difficulties, too. My distrust of God's love trapped me during both my marriage and my experience with Gene. Thanks for seeing both.

Margaret said...

Kevin, the Lucie video seems to have gone away. Can we have it back? I know you're super busy right now - blessings on your wedding plans, and your Advent season.

Kevin Knox said...

Thanks Margaret.

The movie is actually gone. I've sent in a support ticket, and we'll see what happens.