10 March, 2009

Dating Bells are Ringing

Hello All!

What a crazy, crazy year it's been.

Only a couple of you know this, but I'm the happiest I've been in years and years. I'm well and truly in love with a delightful lady. We've been on this journey for well over a year now, and we've done loads of safeguarding each other and checking our hearts and all the lights look green. We haven't reached the point of proposals yet, but we've reached the point of relocating this Codepoke over to her neck of the woods.

I'll be moving several hundred miles (and a new job) down the road.

Her name's Dana, but I'll ask you not to try to guess whether you've seen her out on the web anywhere. I'm going to leave comments closed on this post, but feel free to shoot me a happy (or concerned) email using the email address in my blogger profile. (In fact, that's going to be my only email address as of March 15th.)

If you've noticed me posting about 1/100th as much as I once did, I think it's a definite symptom of love. It's impossible to burn as many electrons firing emails and phone calls back and forth as we have, and not fall a little behind on the blogging. :-)

Thanks to everyone who's stuck around through all my silences (and my speaking, too.)

Should Dana and I reach a final destination, I won't keep it a secret.

Thank you, Lord!

And thank you brothers and sisters. I'd be a lesser man without you.