08 August, 2008

A Chip off the Old Block

It's not every day my son sends me an email, but when he does it's usually some pretty rich stuff. Yesterday's email was the kind of stuff that makes a father stop and say not just, "That's my boy!" but, "Dang. That's right."

I figured I'd share it here.

You might enjoy watching the video first, before you've heard his take on the things Obama says.

Obama proposes a gasoline price solution to struggling families


And a young man analyzes Obama's thoughts


The first thirty seconds are all I care about.  The situation: consumers give money for product; companies increase prices because demand is increasing faster than supply; they make a lot of money, the majority of which is spent building the infrastructure necessary to provide five billion gallons of oil a day to the world; Obama, desiring sovereignty, promises to take money, willingly given in exchange for product, from the receiver, and return it to the consumer if the consumer votes him sovereignty.  We have gone past the age of Rome, where the leaders provided bread and circuses with their own, albeit ill gotten, money.  We have returned to some sort of barbaric feudalism where we choose our leaders based on whether they promise to earn us spoils.  With his eyebrows hunched, his spine strait, in a calm, oratorical voice, he promises to break the trust of capitalism, which is that if you produce something people will give you what they produce for it, you can keep what they give you in exchange for your goods. 
Who would not vote for a candidate who promises that you can spend your money and spend it again?  A candidate who will have the police, the national guard, and the army behind any policy he manages to get through. 
Perhaps I am making an excessive fuss about a throwaway comment, but the symbolic nature of it is so frightening. 


tye-dye trinity said...

It is frightening. Very frightening indeed. To slam capitalism and promise that you can spend, spend and respend your money with the full force of the government and military behind you is just frightening beyond imagination. It's socialism at it's finest. Punish the person/company that is a success, take their profits from them as punishment and supposedly give it back to "the little guy". However, more times than not in a socialistic/communistic society, the government or the man in power ends up keeping the money and it never gets back to the little guy.
Also, his idea for getting oil from shale is a very long, expensive, not the greatest use of resources idea. God help this country if he gets into office. We will no longer be a free country. Also, has anybody thought about his "rock star" status in religious terms? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's one insightful young man. Very well said.

Milly said...

I love those golden parent moments. :-}
I am so disillusioned this year in politics. Mark will tell me Obama is the only choice. Personally I see no real choice. I want Ben Franklin again. Then again a man like Ben would be too smart to run for a job like this one at hand and if he did someone would be checking out his love life. I’m not very optimistic in Oklahoma.

I could use the money. so. . .

Kansas Bob said...

Amazing response from such a young one.. reminds me of conversations that I have with my 28 year old these days.

Not sure what to make of capitalism these days because it is so different than the one that I grew up with. This global economy is one where the Chinese version of capitalism.. the one where people work for nothing.. is wrecking capitalism for the rest of us.

In America labor unions arose in the early 20th century because of the abuses that run rampant in China and other countries that participate in this global capitalism. I don't see a good long term end for American capitalism as long as these other countries are involved in the mix.

Patchouli said...

I think your son should be president!

karen said...

What a great, insightful, kid!

codepoke said...

Thank you for enjoying his thoughts and sharing yours. But, just between you and me, I don't think I could live with him if he became president. :-)

tari said...

Wow. He gets it, and I'm proud just reading this!

Thanks. And well done, Dad. :)

Missy said...

CP, you wouldn't live with him. I hear they put the prez up in a pretty nice crib.

Yes, he has put something together here. Smart boy. Is he is old enough to vote?