16 July, 2008

The Match

If you wonder what the match, The Match, between Federer and Nadal was all about, here's 13 minutes of bliss.


As you watch, realize that any pro from any generation at any level can hit any of the shots you'll see in this video. No pro anywhere. ever. has hit 13 minutes worth of these shots, with this much on the line, with this much fear in his heart, as both of these men did last Sunday.

It was clearly the best tennis match of all time. The drama was unparalleled by any event in any sport I've ever heard of, stretching across almost 5 hours of time on court. If you've ever wondered what desire looks like, here it is.


Missy said...

I was simply waiting with my hands in my lap, for you to post about this match. :) It was exciting for even the lamest of tennis fans.

codepoke said...

What a sweet thing to say. :-)

Thank you, Missy. I'm sorry I didn't give you more commentary, but I just couldn't sit down and do it justice. I'm too exhausted, and the bed calls.

I'm really glad you were able to enjoy it. It was something special.

Kansas Bob said...

I was blown away by the level of tennis played. I think that Federer has peaked but Nadal will get better.. the US Open will be an interesting retest for both of them!

What do you think of the rankings CP? I thing that Nadal should be #1.. agree?

codepoke said...

Actually, KB, I think you're right about Nadal. I think he's playing the best tennis out there right now. But over the last twelve months, Federer has won 600 points more than Nadal. I'd like to see Nadal earn that #1 slot fair and square. If he crashes out of the open, or a bunch of the lead-ups, he deserves to languish in #2. I think he will earn it, but let's have no gifts. :-)

Milly said...

i missed the match;-} I did get to catch a bit of some others here and there when i wasn't dashing off or falling asleep.