01 March, 2007

And a time to pluck up

For the third time, now, I am thinking about ending my blogging run. That's a pretty good sign that it's time to pull the plug. I won't shut 'er down just yet, but I may or may not be back for a while.

I have two posts out there more than half-finished, and I don't want to work on either of them. That's a pretty good sign that it's time to pull the plug.

I can no longer blog from work in any effective way. I can write posts after some annoying hoop jumping, but I cannot get out and comment on any of ya'lls blogs the way I'd like. And once I lost that, I lost the sense of community. So, now my blogging just feels like me expounding on things I think I'm smart about. Only I don't like hearing the sound of my own voice all that much. If I'm not part of a community, I don't want to play at all. Seriously, if I had 100 readers out here, and I didn't feel like we depended on each other, I'd sign off. Rather, I am signing off. When I blog these days, I feel alone. And that's a pretty good sign it's time to pull the plug.

Some people blog for themselves. I don't even know what that means. I blog for people, or I don't blog at all. And I don't blog to educate, but to exchange. And now that I feel so unplugged, I've lost any sense of the profit of putting my weird ideas out here.

Now, this may all be circumstance-based. If it is, then I will explain what happened and show up again. These last two months have been among the most draining I can recall, and none of it is blog material. I have surrounded myself with four or five people I know face-to-face, and the energy I would put into writing posts is now going into those interactions.

This blog has always been the place that I floated my fondest fancies, and found foils to fell my foibles. I learned a LOT from ya'll, and a lot of it hard to welcome at first. I really am a pretty arrogant cuss, and like to think of myself as right pretty much all the time. You always provided a valuable corrective to my hubris. Some day, I may have an original idea again, and need someone to look it over from other angles. When that happens, you can count on me to look ya'll up again.

Today, original thoughts are a million miles away from me, though.

So, this is my last post for at least a week. Probably a little longer.

Thank you for all the support.



Milly said...

You choose to say this when I have only moments. I see ya don’t want a bunch a Millyisms ;-}
Enjoy the real world.

BarBarA said...

Wow, Kev. I will miss your blog but support your decision. I am thankful that I got to learn so much from you. You came along at a moment in my life where no one was making sense and I was floundering about - thanks for reaching a hand out to steady me a bit.

God bless you.

codepoke said...

Milly, you have been a dear blog-friend for these couple years, and nothing could possibly be more appropriate than a Milly-ism or two :-)

codepoke said...


If I were a better maintenance person, your blog would be on my sidebar. I hope you'll forgive my slowness. Your writing is wonderfully transparent, and a pleasure. May the Lord bless you, too.

pearlie said...

:( I am certainly gonna miss your blog and miss having you around. I agree with you though and support your decision. We have our reasons for blogging and if the reasons do not hold any longer, then there is no point in blogging. But do keep in contact, it just won't do to lose a good brother I just found :) I hope you won't mind me popping you a mail once in awhile.

God bless you!

Missy said...

I'm speechless... :(

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed my brief time interacting in your blog. I understand your decision, as I am one of those bloggers who only does it for himself--and I don't know what that mean either. Best wishes. Tom

karen said...

I go through this thought process, too. There are times when we just feel disconnected from everyone...in blogs or our "real" life. I'm going through that right now...and have not left many comments on many blogs...not because what people are saying hasn't touched me...but because of what I'm going through. I'm empty right now, and that's okay.
Take a break, but please think about this. What would I do without Codepoke's writing?!?
Okay...if that was too calm and rational and understanding...


salguod said...

Dude, say it isn't so! If I weren't sloppy your blog would be in my sidebar too. Shame on me.

Your thoughts have been profound and have made me thing as well. I completely share your thoughts on how the conversation in the comments can be so educational. You think you've got a great idea worth sharing, and then someone in the comments redirects your thinking into new directions you would have never thought of. It's a bit annoying, but mostly profoundly encouraging and educational.

Anywho, I hope you don't stay away for long. And please, please, please don't remove your blog from the web as some do when they give it up. I need to point some folks your way and haven't gotten to yet. :-P

I hope the absense isn't long and you find a way to have the community in new ways.

Weekend Fisher said...

Myself, I wish you would stay. But I know how much time blogging takes. I've always loved the community here. I'm one of those "other" bloggers -- people who like writing the way some people like playing tennis, just for the sheer sport of seeing if you can hit that perfect shot. But it's not quite as much *fun* as a blog like this, if y'know what I mean.

I'm glad to have met you and even if you do pack up your bags, please leave your blog out here and stop by when you like. That way we'll know where to find you.

Take care & God bless

codepoke said...


I will definitely look forward to some emails. Thank you!

codepoke said...


I'm speechless

I certainly did not expect this little post to have THAT much power. :-D

I'm glad to have met you, and sorry to disappear on you so soon afterwards. May the Lord continue to bless you and your "family!"

codepoke said...

Thanks, Tom. Let us know how your run goes!

codepoke said...

Thank you, Karen. Really.

What would I do without Codepoke's writing?!?

Email me, and let me know. :-)

codepoke said...

Thank you, Salguod.

If I know myself, and if I did decide to come back, something would be different. I don't know. Right now there's nothing, but who knows. Either way, the blog will be up for some time.

codepoke said...

Thank you, WF.

I don't know why I don't enjoy blogging the same way you describe. Maybe I should, and maybe I will when things slow back down. We'll see.

Thank you, and Lord bless you too.

Lynne said...

I'll miss you too, you are such a voice of encouragement and honest engagement. As someone who blogs more for the creative pleasure of it (and because it gives me somewhere to put my bits and pieces and hence motivates me to keep writing)I can well understand not having the energy or the passion when real life gets in the way. Be blessed in all your doings, and remember you have a heap of cyberfriends who are happy for you to drop in on us any time and way you choose.

codepoke said...

Thanks, Lynne.

Your latest series is really, really incredible. I hope the right people get to see it.

Andreia said...

Well I don't know why everyone is being so nice about all this. I don't think it is cool that you would quit this blog. I think you have a duty to your readers. Don't you feel somewhat responsible for us out here?

I temporarily quit my blog but I know that the world isn't going to suffer from it. What do you expect us to do, Codepoke , watch television newscasts of Anna Nicole's decomposing body? I suppose I could read one of the Great Book series, but come on! Who wants to read Euripides?

Please rethink your decision. Your public demands it!

codepoke said...


I temporarily quit my blog but ...

Are you serious??????

I know you're not serious?????????????????

(Whoops, broke the question mark key.)


Patchouli said...

Obviously, CP, I'm pretty scarce, too, having just today read this farewell post.

I understand--I may not like it, I may disagree(!!), but I understand.

---Smiles and waves...

Kansas Bob said...

Patchouli and I seem to be on the same page ... or at least the same day.

I really understand wanting to quit for a while and I get the community part of blogging ... you are part of my community CP ... I hope you don't stay away too long.

I pray His richest blessings for you Kevin.

japhy said...

I hope you're blessed in whatever else it is you do with your time. :)

codepoke said...

Charter members like you, Patchouli, are allowed to take a little while to read the farewell. :-)

Thanks, and may the Lord bless your blogging

codepoke said...

Thank you, KB (and you're a charter member, too.)

The Lord blesses and has blessed. May He richly comfort you and your sweetie during your current journey.

codepoke said...

Thanks, Japhy.

And thank you for really openning my heart up to Catholicism. I really appreciated hearing you speak from the heart, and was blown away at how much we really agreed.

Scott Roche said...

Boy, you don't check a blog for a while and this is what happens. Hope you come back and if you don't want to "keep a blog" you're always welcome to do a guest shout out at mine.

Kansas Bob said...

Kevin, You have been given The Thinking Blogger Award(http://kansasbob.blogspot.com/2007/03/thinking-blogger-award.html)

Danny Kaye said...


I have been insanely busy with schoolwork and haven't been outside my own site, (and my appearances there are sparse as well). So at this point, being three weeks after the post, I don't even know if you will even get this comment.

CP, for the record, you have had more to do with how I see the Scriptures than anyone else has in my 20 years as a Christian. You have helped me see God's Word in such a different light. You have helped adjust my thinking about some things I thought I had on straight. You have "un-done" some teachings that seriously needed to be "un-did."

For all of that, I thank you. The FHC community has been a fantastic place for me to learn, test theories, and make great friends. I eagerly look forward to your return, whenever that might be. I believe it is safe to say that when you DO return, it will be because you have something BIG to talk about.